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    Anyone ever do a frame off resto?? any hints, helps, or "awww geez, I wish someone would have told me that's" would be appreciated, I realize that my 77 prolly won't ever be worth anything, other that to me, I'm just gonna clean and repaint to get rid of the surface rust that has develop since I cleaned off all the grease and grime...hehe

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    Fast Ed


    Doin a preserve on my 76 this winter W/O frame off. The front was center-punched and I removed the clip and can see 80% of the frame. After a quick shot blast and some frame paint from Zip we"ll take her to get a good shot of Z-bart and that should hold her till she starts increasing in value. Can't say as I've done the complete frame off but some brave soul here has, Im sure.

    Lotsa Luck
    Fast Ed

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    Default Frame offs

    Got about 15 frame offs under the belt guys,not a killer of a job just have to go slow be maticulous so you don,t go breaking all kinds of plastic etc, e-mail if you need further step by steps,have fun.

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