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Thread: NO dash lights!

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    Hello All,
    I just went out and started up the 78 to let her run for a bit. I turned on the wipers and headlights, and I had no dash lights! Hubby says this is a headlight switch. Where can I get one, and can I install/replace it myself?

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    78silvanver, I would first check the fuses. The 78, if my memory serves me correctly, has a separte fuse for the dash lights. However, if it is the switch, it isn't that hard to change but is easier if you remove the tach and speedo. You then just reach around the dash and remove it(there is a little more to it then this). If you can't find a switch, e-mail me, I have a shelf full of them.......Steve

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    Eric 70

    Default Headlight Switch

    I got my headlight switch at a local auto parts store for $35.

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