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    Just wondered if anyone has received a "super front end kit" from PST? My son got one, delivered as promised by the phone order sales clerk on Friday. The bushings, graphite impregnated, look good at first sight. The tie rods ends had two matching part numbers and one with a nonmatching number and even another with a number that does not match the other three.

    I don't know how to ID the company that made them; just wondered what advise I can get here;i.e what's good and what's not good. I have not looked at the ball joints yet and wondered dito on these too.

    Thanks in advance.

    '72 BB coupe

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    Don't know anything about the PST parts, but I am ordering a set of red poly bushings from Energy Suspension. I would imagine your parts are fine, poly is far better than stock rubber since it will not fall apart from oil and grease, and they keep the suspension much tighter. Give PST a call, most companies are happy to help you out with tech questions.

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    robert kirk


    i got my kit from zip. numbers were all diff. urathane bushings went in with no problems, joints and ends all looked and fit just fine. i agree with scott81 most suppliers will be glad to talk with you and answer any questions if not ship back and change vender. 71 454 4sp conv. good luck robert

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