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Thread: 81 cam change

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    Sorry I missed you all in the chat last night, once again I couldn't get in. I emailed Rob and tonite will send him my computer specs. Hopefully next time. NOW to the topic. Has anyone changed out the cam on an 81? I'm considering a performance cam and am interested in opinions and procedures to install. I've done a change in a old mopar years ago but never a Vette. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi, I recently rebuilt the engine in my 81 and the main problem is getting at the cam in the first place. You have to remove the radiator and also the a/c radiator if you have it. This turned out to be more difficult than it first appeared, the cam won`t come out unless you remove them. After you have cleared the way the cam swop is straight forword and can be done with the engine in the car. I ended up removing the a/c altogether and the air pump had already been taken out by the previous owner.

    When I put it back together again I refitted the radiator and had most of bits`n`pieces back on the engine but could not get the fan cowling back in place with the rdiator fitted so I had to take the radiator out again and assemble them and put the cowling and radiator back in at the same time.

    I hope this is of some help to you


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