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    Default Egr Valve and Tall Valve Covers

    I have a problem that I cannot find a solution for. I CAN'T be the only one that has ever had this problem!!
    Here are the details:

    Year: 1980
    Eng: 350
    Engine Mods:
    Edelbrock Heads, Comp Cam, Headman Headders, Roller Rockers, 4 1/2 tall valve covers, Edelbrock Performer intake and Edelbrock Q-Jet.

    Here is the problem. I need to keep this car smog leagal as I live in Cali. I can't install the EGR Valve because the valve cover is too tall. I have tried the EGR Spacer from Edelbrock but it places the EGR even CLOSER to the valve cover.

    I am looking for a solution that will allow me to install the EGR Valve and keep the tall valve covers. can anyone help?

    If I have too I will take the time and design and manufacture it myself.

    Can anyone help???

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    I might have an adaptor that can help. I'm at wildphilip@hotmail.com

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