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Thread: 1968 vette info

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    Default 1968 vette info

    Does anyone know how to tell the diffrence between a 300hp and 350hp 327 for 1968? If anyone knows what problem areas to look at on this year please do share, I am looking for a 68 at the present time. Thanks!!

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    I have a 1970 and i can tell you on early C3's, you have to especially check the windshield top header and side pillars for rusting, and also the frame rails close to the wheels. Both of these areas, can be expensive to repair. Sorry i cannot help you with your engine question...but if you check the engine code you should be able to tell what engine it is...by looking in a Corvette Code book.

    Good luck with your purchase.


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    sd pacecar


    If you have an auto, it is only a 300hp. If you have a 4spd, look for the engine suffix on the front pad, passenger side near the water pump. HE or HO will indicate 300hp.

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