I purchased this wiring harness adapter so that I could upgrade to a heated O2 sensor... passing along if anyone wants or needs to do this conversion.

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Overall, I am very impressed with it! Construction was great and has ample length for the accessory-on position lead wire. The ground can be bolted into the back of the passenger side head and the pink acc/on/hot wire can be wired into the pink acc/on/hot wire primary power lead for the EGR, AIR, and diverter valve on the '82 Vettes.

For 80-99 GM Vehicles, Originally equipped with a 1 wire O2 sensor ACDelco AFS21 / AFS81 to upgrade to a heated 3 wire ACDelco AFS74 or equivalent.
This will also work on Jeeps from 1984-1990 that originally used a 1 wire sensor with a Weather-Pack connector.
Intended to provide an upgrade to a heated sensor without altering the original wiring harness.
Excellent upgrade for any vehicle, the heater provides a more consistent and faster initial reading than a non-heated version. The heater also improves sensor life.
18 gauge TXL wire is correctly colored for most applications, .
Ignition Lead is Pink w/ Black Stripe - Connects to 12 volt Ignition power source (Key On/Run Position)
Ground is Solid Black - Bolts to rear of cylinder head with other engine grounds (V8 and V6 applications)
If you would like specific instructions for power and ground locations, a longer or shorter version or completely different color combos please send a message
Approximately 7' Ignition lead, 3' ground

All terminals are crimped with production Delphi/Rennsteig Dies


Connectors, Terminals and Related Parts are Genuine Delphi / Packard,
Eyelets and Parallel Terminals are Molex, Heat Shrink is 3M Adhesive Type
Wire is High Quality XPLE SAE J-1128, USA Made
Wire Loom/ Conduit is Delphi Packard M-2170, ASTM D4066 Black w/ Gray Stripe Nylon