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Thread: Engine issues?

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    Default Engine issues?


    i hope this is not a sign of an possible engine rebuilt. It happened a few times this summer. I'll be driving without no problems and all of a sudden the oil pressure gauge will show zero pressure and when i rev the engine 1 to 3 times the pressure goes up to normal again.

    Now could it be a problem with the gauge or is it a serious problem with my engine?

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    I would check the gauge and the sending unit 1st..
    Perhaps a electrical issue....
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    Until you diagnose and repair, don't run the engine under load.
    If, in fact, oil pressure is dropping to zero; engine failure, if it has not already taken place, is likely if you run it under load.

    First thing to do is install/connect a known good oil pressure gauge, start the engine and see if the oil pressure behaves the same.

    If it does, pull the oil filter, cut it open and inspect for debris. If you find visible metal debris, overhaul the engine. If you don't, drop the pan and pull the oil pump. Inspect and replace as necessary.

    If the oil pressure, read by your known good gauge, is correct, troubleshoot the sensor and gauge and replace parts as necessary.

    Good luck.

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