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    my '81 vette's starter has been getting weaker and weaker all summer. it finally quit a month ago. [nothing happened when i hit the key. i knew it was probaly brushes, and since it i also racing season, the old vette sat until tonight. i pulled the started out. other than being dirty, i, didn't see anything out of the ordinary. i took it apart and cleaned it and put it back in. cleaned the rust off everything. brackets included. painted it all and reinstalled it. low and behold the old car now runs very crisp and is more peppy. i guess the ground at the front bracket must have been dirty and not getting a good connection. i have always thought that was an awful place to ground the electrical system. when i rebuild the engine, i'm going to ground it in a better spot. i didn't have enough loose ground wire to do it now, or, i would have. maybe ground it to the bottom of the starter, under one of the mounting bolts, like i do my race cars. lots of cruises are coming up and i'm glad to have it back running. still alot of summer left. happy cruising all.

    steve pastorino

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    Glad to hear it worked out!!!!
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