• Differential Removal- Tips/steps Welcomed
  • Differential Removal- Tips/steps Welcomed
  • Differential Removal- Tips/steps Welcomed
  • Differential Removal- Tips/steps Welcomed

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    Default Differential Removal- Tips/steps Welcomed

    I'm about to remove the differential for a rebuild and new gears. I am going to have the gears and seal/bearing kit, clutch pak professionally installed.
    I just need to get the differential removed. I have heard from others to mark the camber position. More info on this is needed as I'm not sure where that is measured and or set. Any pics would be appreciated.
    Any tips, what to do or NOT to do would be nice for this job before I get started, steps involved, etc. Looks like I need to remove the entire spare tire assembly and someone else mentioned to me the exhaust. This would all be help to know before I get started. I plan on removing the half shafts for cleanup and new u joints as well. As for the camber marking/position. I plan to have a 4 wheel alignment from the local Chevy Dealership after I re-install. With that planned do I need to be concerned about such details?
    Just an FYI, this is the Dana type differential, not the traditional Cast Iron

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    You can reset the camber close enuf using a bubble protractor. A Corvette Shop Manual would be a big help for the disassembly.

    FYI: the camber cams are at the inner attachment point for the strut rods.
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    Jimmy C


    You spoke of removing the exhaust and spare tire prior to getting into the differential; yes, remove EVERYTHING that may get in the way of having a clear shot at what you're doing. Like anything else, prep is more than half the job. Mark anything that has an adjustment, not f/ "exact" placing when the components are reinstalled, but f/ a good reference point that gets you back in the ball park. I have found, since the digital cameras came out, that it's always handy to take pictures of the step by step procedure of removing and disassembly as even though you take everything out and mark it, it's always better to have pictures to follow so there's no guess work when you're getting everything back together. It's always nicer to get it back in there correctly the "first" time.
    Good Luck w/ your work.

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