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    Default Parking Brake Front Cable

    I have run into a problem and am looking from some advise. I am replacing the front cable as part of a re-build. Is there anyway to get the cable through the pulley without removing it? The problem is I can't get the pulley bolt out, as it appears it is seized in the spacer. I have soaked it with penetrating oil and had a go at it with a hammer and punch. Any ideas?


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    The ball on the end of the cable is too big to go thru the bracket the pulley mounts on. Depending on what you're after for a final result, you can saw the bolt off inside the bracket and then replace it all, or open up the bracket with a pry bar so the ball will go thru it then straighten it out again.
    Me, I'd replace it all. No sense screwing up a new cable

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