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to answer your question about that
Armor All is a water based interior dressing, tireshine is silicone solvent based..at the detail shop we normally spray a water based product like Armor All under the hood like he said and let it dry and wipe any excess residue off this works wonders! makes old black paint look new too! as far as the tireshine goes. ive used that also for a mor glassy shine in certain areas the thing about using a water based dressing is when you want you can rinse it off a few times and its gone... with a silicone base you have to use some elbow grease so my verdict....i use a water based interior dressing such as Armor All under the hood of all my vehicles! hope this helps ya out! and be sure to spray your inner fenderwells with Tireshine.
Oh yea! Tire shine is great for that too. Something else I found that works well on black exterior. It's made by Mothers, call Back-to-Black. Works well on Flat Blacks or anything thatís plastic, rubber or vinyl.