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    Default 1973 BB air conditioning

    what does the 3 prong fuse do it is located near the air box on. the passenger side in the engine bay. one lead goes to the super switch,one to the compressor(probably as a ground)and one thru the wiring harness towards the frewall. the air won't work unless i jump the wires in the fuse holder. it will not work with the fuse itself but will work if jumped without the fuse. the compressor is rebuilt and works.the fuses i use are both new old stock and aftermarket. the superheat sw is new.unit blows cold air when the fuse is jumped help!! i'd like to get it to work as advertised>

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    That gizmo is called a "Thermal Limiter". GM used it in 73 and 74 that I'm sure of. When the superheat switch in the compressor gets too hot that thing pops, supposedly to protect the compressor. Back in those days, I was working at a Chevy dealers' car rental place. I used to carry a couple of those around in my pocket in the summer. easier than getting the customer anotehr car and then replacing the limiter and renting it again.
    If it was me, I'd jumper the thing and call it a day. If you're trying to stay stock, figure out how to open the thing up, and hide the jumper inside.
    Just my opinion here, and what I'd do if it was mine. This one is yours- you make the call.

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