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    Default window #*&$@!! problem

    My passenger power window keeps eating the regulator about 1 inch from the top. Motor is new, regulator is (was) new, tracks are all clean and lubed. This is the 2nd regulator I've put in and both work for a while then the motor eventually wears the teeth off the regulator in a approx. 1 inch strip about 1 inch from full raised. Is this an alinment problem?
    Has anybody tried the regulator repair kits where you rivet a new set of teeth to the regulator?

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    Default window problem

    Yes, I have used one of those kits. I got it from Volvette. The guy I talked with there gave me a little insight and told me not to rivet but to just use the top half of the regualtor and use some self tapping screw in about three places and screw it over the old one so I would not have to tear everything apart. My old regulator had the same problem as yours does. Stripping about 1 inch from the end. It caused all kinds of racquet. I can honestly say it has been working great, but your alignment problem has my baffled. I did not have that problem. I did tighten everything up when I put the regulator back. Everything that should be tight was a little lose and after reinstalling everything it seemed to have fixed MY situation. Thats all I have to offer. Hope this helps a little.


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