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    Default I must be missing something

    Please help, I think I'm going . I'm trying to put my spare tire tray back on the car, the correct way. I had it off, basically, because I was just poking around. The area in question is the two forward mounting bolts. The AIM shows the nut threaded onto the bolt, then the bolt passing through the mounting strap, through the lock washer and into the weld nut in the frame. It seems strange to use that long bolt if only the nut would be contacting the strap, unless the nut is acting as a jam nut or lock nut. The way it was installed was with the nut on the top side of the strap, so the front could pivot while the rear was lowered. I hope that makes sense. Does anyone have any good pictures of how it looks on their car? Thanks a bunch.

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    Put the long bolt through the strap and THEN put the nut and lock washer onto the end of the bolt and screw it into the crossmember weld nuts. The nut won't fit through the hole in the strap.

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