I've got some Crane street/race ignition parts for sale. They work with any Small- or Big-Block Chevrolet. It consists of:

1) Billet aluminum distributor.

Crane optically-triggered distributor for high-performance street and racing Small-Block and Big-Block Chevrolet engines. Large style cap. Crane Cams' distributors have a lower housing machined from a billet of 6061-T6 aluminum. It uses a steel shaft supported with ball bearings and a pre-installed gear. Inside the cap is a stainless steel, optical trigger disc that provides precise timing's accurate within 0.5 degrees. Advance curves are already programmed in and are selectable with the turn of a dial. It's maintenance free and easy to install with a simple plug-in harness. This distributor is ideal for high-performance street, drag strip, oval track, or marine applications. Requires electronic tach for use with pre-76 Vettes. PN 1000-1500

2) FireWire plug wire set.

Crane Cams, "FireWire" 8.5-mm Spark Plug Wires. Plug boots are 135 deg. angle. A universal wire set which fits many V8 engines. Plug boots are installed. The cap boots are installed by the user after trimming the wire lengths.

With a rating of 25 ohms per foot, Crane's FireWire is 37% more efficient than the nearest competitor, MSD. These premium-grade, double-layer, silicone insulated wires offer unsurpassed resistance to heat and damaging fluids and enhanced protection against high-voltage breakdown. They are also ideal for street use, as their Kevlar-reinforced "reactive core" design filters out RFI and EMI noise that affects sound systems. PN 295-0083

For sale as a package for $275.00 plus shipping.

Cointact me privately at finspeed@charter.net