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    Default Third Brake Light

    Ok, I may be going crazy from the cold but has anyone ever thought about adding a third or center brake light to their C3's? At first I had thought about just putting one in the rear window. But the colder it is outside and the more I think about it I wonder if anyone hasn't fabricated one into the body moldings in the rear. I am not talking about body kits that you can buy for the whole car, but just adding a third brake light. Just to grab the attention of the people trailing a bit more so they won't run into me when I HAVE to stop (darn stop lights and cops ).

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    If I remember the pictures correctly, our very own ROBIN7TFour did exactly that by mounting the light at the rear portion of his coupe above the rear window.

    Bail me out here Robin ! He's an absolute wizzard and I'm sure would be happy to share his expertise.

    Happy Holidays
    CQRT in AZ

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    I have one fitted to my Vette, it was on the car when I bought it although it is used as a "fog light" rather than a third brake light. All UK cars have to have on fitted and this is a neat solution. It fits perfectly and I don't mind the look of either.


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    Ripp & CQRT, sorry for the slow response to this posting. i have a third light from a C-4 works very well and has a nice smooth flow on the roof.
    you will have to splice in a 3rd light module. i got mine from J C Whitney for appx $15. it allows all the light functions to work properly. otherwise you can only splice in one side.
    i put the module inside the interior,just ahead of the left rear wheel well.
    good luck.


    ps. check my photos in members galley. i believe there's a picture .if not email me!

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    I think installing a 3rd brake light is a good thing--drivers are conditioned to reacting to them--I'm getting tired of people locking'em up behind me when I stop to make a turn!

    I salvaged a nice one from my ex-wife's Toyota that she totalled--I just haven't installed it yet. You don't need a module to make it work, 2 generic automotive relays will work just as well; they can be had for 0.99@.

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