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    Default Rear Bumper Script R&R

    I have to remove the Corvette script from the rear urethane bumper on my 76 vette so I can prepare it for painting. How do i access the nuts on the inside of the bumper cover to remove the script? Any tips are appreciated.

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    The speed nuts are accessible from underneath the car, behind the bumper. It is much easier to get at them if your car has the spare tire carrier removed. I did mine while I had the carrier assembly out for refinishing. If you can get the car up on a lift you can probably do it with the carrier still in the car, I did mine laying on my back with the car on the ground.
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    Default Rear Bumper Script R&R

    I got the script off the rear bumper today by removing the aluminum plate that is bolted with three 3/8" bolts to the chassis and covers up the inside of the bumper and allows access to the backside of the script. The plate also holds the wiring harness in place so had to pop the plastic clips out that secured the harness to it. Then slid the plate over and removed the three speednuts that held the script in place. Sounds like a lot but was real easy whole thing took about 15 minutes to do. Thanks for the tips from everyone. By the way I lucked out and did not have to drop the spare tire carrier.

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    I too was wondering that...mine doesn't have the script at all...some Rapper out there must have it around his neck...bling, bling!

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