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    Default Brake Bleed Question

    My 1969 has sat idle for several months due to health issues. I went to start it the other day, and the dash brake light came on. Brake pedal went almost to the floor. Checked the M/C and the rear reservoir was empty. Front was fine.

    Looked under rear of car and noticed large puddle of fluid at left rear wheel. One of the left rear caliper piston seals had failed.

    Looking back through my records, I did an all four brake caliper rebuild nearly 16 years ago. Decided to do a rebuild and new hoses for the rear calipers. Job done.

    Getting ready to bleed and my question is: Since the M/C drained out, do I need to bench bleed it? If yes, can I do it with the M/C mounted and only bleed the rear reservoir?


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    Yes you can bench bleed with the M/C mounted. Bleed both reservoirs
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