I badly need new tire for my Vette. The fronts are 245 60 R15 and the rears are 295 50 R15. The current tires are BF Goodrich Radial T/As. So it sounds simple enough as I order the same BFGs. Not so. I was told by a few tire dealers in this area that BFG are basically not making 295's anymore. Anything out there is old stock. One guy promised me the 295's by mid April at the latest. I got a call tonight saying they will be in Mid October. Not Good considering that's when the car goes back in storage for the winter.
I do not want mismatched tires so in my online search the only tires that I could find would be Kumho Road Venture ST K-11 and Mickey Thompson S/T. Has anyone used these tires before? Are they any good? Is there anything else out there?
PS: I do not want Cooper Cobras or Firestones. I also do not want to shell out more money for new rims either. My Centerlines are in perfect shape and have a classic look.
Thanks in advance for any help!