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    Default 1972 4-sp Coupe for sale - must sell fast

    I have a 1972 4-sp coupe for sale. All original. Runs great but needs restoration. Body is in great shape but may need new frame. If interested please contact me or make any offer to sills_chris@yahoo.com.

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    How can it be in great shape and need a new frame????????

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    The body I think he is refering to is the glass portion of it.. the frame would be a different part.

    interesting tho, as the frame is what carries the year, if you say could only find a 76.. its no longer a 72 but a 76.

    This might be worth less then what is being advertised.

    How about some pics.. and details, i'm always on the lookout for another. Oh ya PRICE

    But on a side note I doubt we will see him again, just my personal opinion, first post.. only post in the for sale, and then leaves an email address. Dunno


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