I've been an avid modeler since the '50s and a '59 Corvette owner since 1964, so I'm getting along in years and deciding to pass along some of my duplicate Corvette models. Offered are two built Corvette kits, both of which I have owned well over 40 years.
The 1953 I obtained in the early '70s as a test shot issue. It was to be the first 1/25 scale 1953 Corvette model to be offered since the original rather crude promotional in '53. This model did not include the original '53 two blade spinner wheel covers so I installed chrome moon discs to replicate the Corvette in the famous assembly line photos where they wore '53 Bel Air covers. The model is very finely built and even won its share of local shows in the mid '70s. White of course, Red interior. It has held up very well over the years.
The 1960 is from the original SMP mold. '60 was the first year some AMT and SMP models featured engine detail. It was also built in the early to mid '70s and is also finely detailed. The original hard tires cracked some years back and were replaced with soft rubber tires also from the '70s.
One note, these models were built in the '70s and reflect fine build quality of that era.
You will be very pleased with my work should you decide to adopt either of these Corvette models. I have more photos should you need them. I am asking $49 each for these, plus shipping please. For more information please write me direct at my email:
fift8imperial @yahoo.com
You can also reach me at 330-806-7587.
Thanks, Bruce in Ohio100_2342-jpg100_2344-jpg100_2349-jpg100_2350-jpg100_2342-jpg100_2344-jpg100_2349-jpg100_2350-jpg100_2342-jpg100_2344-jpg100_2349-jpg100_2350-jpg