• 65 - Worth the effort to rebuild? Got time.
  • 65 - Worth the effort to rebuild? Got time.
  • 65 - Worth the effort to rebuild? Got time.
  • 65 - Worth the effort to rebuild? Got time.

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    Default 65 - Worth the effort to rebuild? Got time.

    Found a 65 frame in decent shape & a lot of the car pieces. Had been butchered for drags. Thinking about doing a "driver" restoration but want to recreate paperwork to reflect it is a 65. Has no title and no VIN tag. (dash butchered)
    The frame has a VIN # that has all the #s except the last one which has been obliterated. Since it can only be from 0-9 thought a Vin search would help. No luck so far. Only history is rumor that car came from Northeast.
    Thinking we might be able to narrow it down some by members acknowledging that they own a car or know of one that has some of the possible VINs. VIN # 194675S12010?

    Thanx - Joe Flip

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    Joe, welcome to CAC! I have moved your request to C1 and C2 general, so that you are more likely to get responses to your question/request. I hope you get to information you need.
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    Welcome to the CAC

    If the cowl is missing it's likely on another frame now and since the cowl has the trim tag and vin plate under the dash it is probably titled to someone else. May have been parted out; who knows. The thing is that you don't want to go through all the trouble to get a title to this frame, if it's even possible without the body and vin tag and then have someone come along and challenge your ownership because they have the body that matches your title and an earlier valid title. If you need a body try to find one with a clean title to put on your restored frame. There are a lot of them out there with totally rusted junk frames or ones that have been parted.

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