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    Default 1957 Spedo removal

    Do I need to remove the whole dash to replace the speedometer cluster in my 57?

    I new member so this post may be out of place

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    Welcome aboard! I will copy your thread over to the appropriate forum.

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    Default Welcome to the CAC

    This is a pretty easy one, at least compared to the '58-'62 instrument clusters. Laying under the dash is not a pleasant thing but once there you don't have much to do. First remove the speedometer cable from the back of the speedometer and push it over out of the way. Then remove all of the light bulb sockets one at a time and mark them with a piece of masking tape with the location written on them so you can get them back in the proper location. I usually draw a diagram of the back of the speedo and number them on the diagram and the tape as I take them out.

    Next there are 2 screws at about the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock position that I think are flat tip screws but they may be Phillips. Remove those. Last are 2 hex head bolts that hold the speedo in at the 3 and 9'Oclock position. Once you remove those the speed should come out from the rear of the instrument panel. Once the speedometer is out of the way there are some clips that hold the bezel and lens into the instrument panel. Now would be a good time to remove these to clean and polish them or replace the lens if it's not perfect.

    Just reassemble in reverse order.

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