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    Default windshield washer pump

    How do you tell if the windshield washer pump is any good? It does not emit fluid when the button on the wiper control is pushed. Has not worked for a long time and want to get it fixed. Also, do you need to prime the pump and if so how is that done?

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    Not to sound like a smart azz, but have you ensured you have fluid in the washer container? if you have fluid, assume the wipers do move when you turn them on/activate that washer.........easiest way to prime the washer pump itself is to make sure the line between container and the pump is NOT clogged and you can verify this by blowing forced air through the line; reconnect the line at the pump then take pure water in your mouth and blow through the line and into the pump which should force water through pump and onto the windshield

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