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    Jim F. Garrett

    Default Replacement air cleaner / '65

    Need some help. I have a '65 roadster which came without A/C.
    Just added Vintage Air (great system!) without problems EXCEPT
    that the non-A/C air cleaner has the two snorkels, one of which is
    now "pinching" a hose. Like to replace the air cleaner but don't
    want to spend $300 to get a stock air cleaner for the cars WITH
    A/C (i.e., without the snorkels). Can anyone help? Need to
    accomodate the breather tube at the rear, underside of cleaner..
    Appreciate any information. Thanks, Jim

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    Default Air Cleaner

    I am in the process of restoring an air cleaner for the base 250HP engine. The horns were shortened on one unit and the base was altered on the other. I beleive they cut the horns for just this reason. The air cleaner on the 65 is tip and cocked for hose clearance, is yours. If your air cleaner is still interfering with the hoses, you may want to find an altered 300HP or 250HP air cleaner and shorten the horns( A altered cleaner on EBAY sold for around $50.00.) Your current air clearner, if in good condition could bring over $300.00.

    I hope this helps!

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