2005 Corvette Hall of Fame Inductees Selected

The following people have been selected to be inducted into the 2005 Corvette Hall of Fame for their significant contributions to the Corvette.

Chip Miller – Corvette collector, restorer and hobbyist admired for his unselfish love and involvement with the Corvette and the Corvette community. Chip was the founder of “Corvettes at Carlisle”, one of the largest annual Corvette shows in the country. Chip spent many hours finding and restoring Corvettes to their original condition, networked with Corvette Clubs and Registries, and owned an impressive collection of Corvettes that he unselfishly shared with others for display. His contributions to the Corvette World left a mark that will never be forgotten. Chip Miller passed away on March 25, 2004.

Randy Wittine – Designer as part of the Corvette Team for over 30 years, Wittine’s design expertise has influenced four of the six generations of Corvette. He has worked for all five Corvette Design Chiefs from 1965 to the present day. His contribution in the area of motorsports and the integration of aerodynamic principles in Corvette design are unique and profound. He has modified/penned the shapes of many Corvette race cars from the classic Owens-Corning sports racers and Greenwood LeMans cars to the awesome Corvette/Goodwrench prototype. Wittine currently works in the Specialty Vehicle Design group at GM Design Center where he oversaw the aero development of the sixth generation Corvette.

Don Yenko – Yenko is recognized for many accomplishments in the Corvette racing era of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Yenko campaigned a Corvette that dominated the B Production Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) racing class, racing Corvettes at Daytona, Sebring, LeMans and many of the top racetracks. In 1961, he was part of a race team that included Dr. Dick Thompson and Grady Davis of Gulf Oil. This team became not only Corvette’s first commercially sponsored race team, but a first for the entire auto racing industry. His racing achievements helped to carve Corvette’s path for the race car it has become. He operated Yenko Sports Car Inc., which became a successful manufacturer of racing Corvettes. In 1957, he formed the Corvette Club of Western PA and became co-founder of the Steeltown Corvette Club in 1968 and the Three Rivers Corvette Club in 1980.

Additional information on the 2005 Corvette Hall of Fame Inductees will be made available via our website at: www.corvettemuseum.com

and in an upcoming issue of our member magazine, “America’s Sports Car”. These three gentlemen will be inducted during the Corvette Hall of Fame ceremony scheduled as part of the Museum’s 11th Anniversary Corvette Celebration – Labor Day weekend, September 1-4.

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