Many of you Corvette autocrossers may be interested in attending the first annual National Street Tire Challenge (http://scca-milwaukee.org/Solo/2009/...ette_color.jpg) autocross sponsored by Milwaukee Region SCCA and Bridgestone Motorsport at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI on Saturday 9/12/2009, so now is the time to mark your calendar and pre-register.

The event will be unique (at least until next year's!) in that it is limited only to competitors on true street tires, defined as tires with a UTOQ treadwear rating of 140 or higher. That INCLUDES tires like the Michelin PS2 and Kumho XS (which now fit the C6!) and anything else that you can truly drive on the street for 10K miles or more.

If you've been wondering how your street tire autocross skills hold up against the best in the country, mark this date, and better yet, pre-register for this event by clicking the "Online Registration" here: National Street Tire Challenge hosted by SCCA Milwaukee Region

Street Tire Autocross Advocate / Milw Region SCCA Member