View Full Version : my list of publications Callaway C8s and SNAT Camaros appear in

11-02-07, 01:13 PM
Here is my full list of publications that have pictures, articles, and information about Callaway C8s and Callaway Camaros. The list also includes some magazines that I find particularly interesting that may be of interest to other C8 fans:

-Autoweek: Dec. 9, 2002
-Machine Design 6/15/95
-Motor Trend: 3/94
-Road & Track 3/95
-Sports Car International Aug/Sep 1997 has Callaway Firebird article
-How to Tune & Modify Your Camaro 1982-1998: page 120
-Camaro Z-28 and Performance Specials by Jason Scott, David Newhardt p. 120-125 (good pictures)
-Camaro by Steve Statham p. 116
-Car & Driver: June 1995
-SUPER CHEVY 1995 JULY (Callaway Camaro Z28 not sure if it is a full C8 or not)
-Car and Driver v40.n12 (June 1995): pp147(3)
-Popular Mechanics v171.n6 (June 1994): pp118(3)
-Popular Mechanics, Aug95, Vol. 172 Issue 8, p68, 4p, 16c;
-Road & Track, Apr94, Vol. 45 Issue 8, p46, 7p, 22c, 1bw
-Motor Trend, Mar94, Vol. 46 Issue 3, p30, 6p, 8 charts, 10c
-Motor Trend, Jan94, Vol. 46 Issue 1, p14, 1/2p, 1c
-Machine Design, 5/23/2002, Vol. 74 Issue 10, p85, 4p, 5c
-Forbes, 11/21/94 FYI, Vol. 154 Issue 12, p77-80, 3p, 6c
-Automobile magazine, June 1996
-Autoweek, 02/20/95
-All Chevy: 4/95, 4 pages (red C8 coupe)
-Chevy High Performance, 2/94, page 16, (B&W of C8 drawing)
-Sports Car International issue 100, Nov 1994
-CHEVY HIGH PERFORMANCE 1995 JULY "BOW TIE NEWS: Driving the Callaway Camaro"
-International Camaro Club's "In the Fast Lane" magazine, Sept/Oct, 1996, Vol. 13, No. 3, "Canada's Callaway Camaro"
-Playboy Feb.'96, article "Rapid Transit", green C8 convertible

-Car & Driver: October 1995 (callaway Impala SS, Camaro Z28 SS, Corvette Grand Sport, Ferrari F50, and Vector but no C8)
-CAR & DRIVER 1999 FEB (has sultan of brunei's car collection, z28 vs GT, camaro vs mustang v-6 but no C8)
-CAR & DRIVER 2000 JAN (no C8, but has Camaro ZL-1 prototype vs Boss Mustang, and a jag xkr)
-CHEVY HIGH PERFORMANCE 2000 MAY (no C8 but has Mecham Z29R)

I would still consider this list incomplete. Anyone with additions, please let me know. I don't own all of these publications (actually only a very small percentage of them), so I can't confirm every single one as having C8 content.