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10-24-07, 09:51 PM
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Please note: this is a 1983 Porche ( in the Autotrader input section above, the oldest year selectable was 1986). Special Edition Callaway Turbo, one of only 33 ever made for the racing team of the Callaway Golf Company. It is definintely a collector's item. Car is in wonderful shape but I cannot put an air conditioner in it easily because of the turbo pipes which were factory installed, plus, being a fifty one year old woman now, I don't need the turbo, but I really need airconditioning!! The car has always been garaged but a new paint job would definitely enhance its value, but still has great looks with dark tinted windows, original leather seats etc. I bought another 944 without a turbo and with airconditioning, I hate to part with this white Callaway turbo because of its great looks, the wonderful speed and the fact that I am a golfer and I really loved having Callaway golf clubs and a Callaway Porsche. It has super low mileage for its age and don't know of any other car around that can beat it, speed wise. This is a well maintained car. Very nice interior. New B-F Goodrich wide radial 50 Series on the rear. Car's worh is actually $22,000 when it is rated in No. 10 condition. I rate it in No. 9 condition. Please contact me on (808) 2179697, day time is best.

Price: $15,000


10-25-07, 03:40 PM
BIZARRE! At least she spelled Callaway right even if the golf part is a little funky!

10-30-07, 05:15 AM
The Porsche were all Old Lyme shop build !!

not like the turbokits for VW, Mercedes and Audi.

So this is the real deal wrenched on by Reeves himself , not some kind of 5th hand installed kit.
(unless all documentation is there)
When you have room available in your Garage and you are in the position to have 15K lying around,
this will be a good investment.

The Porsche engine needed some internals worked before it could accept the HP gain of a Turbo.

I have some interesting articles which I will post on my website , when I get the time to finish :ugh

but here you can read one already.

enjoy :upthumbs