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10-02-07, 05:23 PM
Hi Everyone .... :D

I've introduced myself on the C4 forum but thought I'd confess publicly that I'm a Corvette addict! :ohnoes

I'm following the 12steps and the first one is that I purchased a 1986 C4 Red/Tan in California and it is on its way to my home town of Perth, Western Australia ....

Any Vett to 1988 can be licenced as a LHD (in Western Australia) so no conversion to RHD is required ....

The only immediate plan for my Vett is a major service, replacment of all fluids, belts, hoses etc, detailing, and any work as required ....

This is my 'MID LIFE'crisis car/dream so I'm going to enjoy it!:)

Regards and hello to all on the forum .... :w

Downtown Perth in Western Australia

Erik S. Klein
10-02-07, 07:57 PM
Welcome to the CAC, mate!



10-02-07, 08:36 PM
Welcome, Darren!
I didn't realize that earlier years were exempt from the RHD conversion. Congratulations on your purchase... you must be quite excited.


10-02-07, 09:58 PM
Hi Tammy and Erik (yes I am beside myself waiting for the Vett!!!!!)

Western Australia and the Northern Territory will allow an american LHD vehicle to be licensed without a RHD conversion.

Post 88 vechicles have to be converted. That has now been closed. So if I were to import a nice 89 onwards Vett I would need to have it converted.You could under the old 15 year rule licence any 15 year old car as LHD.

I need to get an automotive engineers report tocomply the car. I have to put the (YUCK) amber export rear lenses for indicators, change seatbelts and makesure the brakes etc, etc are roadworthy.

Good news is there is no 'smog' test and no annual car inspections registrations in Western Australia.

You can get a concesional vehicle registration for vintage and club cars if you want.

Some of the conversions I've seen are good to very good and bad to horrific ....

I like just think if GM Chevrolet had intended the vett to be made RHD they would have.

I notice that there are now factory caddies being exported to the UK and parts of asia.

Vetts are popular, but people don't want to go through the hassle of importing one themselves.

I think that is all part of the experience.



10-02-07, 10:43 PM
Welcome to :CAC

10-03-07, 07:03 AM
Welcome aboard. Enjoy !!!! :beer

10-03-07, 10:20 AM
Welcome and congrats again, Darren. We need photos of your new beauty when she arrives. ;)

:wJane Ann

10-03-07, 12:07 PM
welcome to CAC!!!:welcome
enjoy the forums!!!!!!!!!

10-03-07, 06:17 PM
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to say G'day .....

I will post photos when 'she' arrives .... it's almost summer here in Perth, and what a great time to have a Vett .... warm sun (just like California - only HOTTER!) targa top and a chevy smallblock in a US muscle car - life doesn't get any better!



10-03-07, 08:14 PM
....and a chevy smallblock in a US muscle car -

Sports car, Darren........sports car. ;)

Hello again. :w

10-04-07, 01:52 AM
Point taken .... sports car (with attitude!) ....

10-04-07, 05:10 AM
There ya go!!! Jumping in myself to say hello.:beer

10-05-07, 12:24 AM
Welcome to the CAC!


10-05-07, 12:39 AM
Thanks for the welcomes.

Spoke to MSC today and the container (with my Vett in it) is about 12 to 14 days away .... AArrrrrrrrrrhhhh!

10-05-07, 07:26 PM
Welcome to CORVETTE ACTION CENTER Darren, glad to hear that you are giving a American Classic a home in Austrailia; all the trouble you went to get it I know it will be well take care of. I know you can't wait to get behind the wheel.

Take care and stay in touch when you can,

Bill :w

10-06-07, 02:08 AM
welcome darren, i can almost feel the excitement you are feeling. sounds like a neat car. like we say in the cac, send pics when you can.:D:D:DBilly

10-09-07, 10:28 PM
Thanks Bill ....

I'm counting down the days till it arrives .... as my wife will atest .... I am a fanatic when it comes to my cars!

10-10-07, 08:26 PM
Thanks Bill ....

I'm counting down the days till it arrives .... as my wife will atest .... I am a fanatic when it comes to my cars!

Remember we will be exspecting pictures of it after you get it.

Bill :)

09-08-15, 04:25 AM
Hi Darren
Good luck on getting you new Vette
Here in QLD we have the 30 year rule
so 1985 and older can be registered with LHD
Mine has been converted to RHD already
I think I got it at a fairly good price
$14000 with 6 moths normal rego
next year I will put it on club rego $188 instead of $1000
for the year here in Queensland we dont have to get it inspected
every year just the once
I got the road worthy certificate (safety certificate)
done $100 and $580 transfer fee now its in my name
Now to Fill it up @ $1.35 a litre in the old school
that would be about $5.50 a gallon for unleaded 91
thats all for now can some one show me how to send pics
thanks John
Im close to 3000 miles from Darren