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07-09-07, 05:33 PM
Hi All,
I am a newbie to this site (love it so far) and a newbie to owning a Corvette (FINALLY!!!) I just got back from Chicago, I bought a friend's 1994 black on black Coupe. He babied it, kept it in the garage and under car cover - it is in immaculate shape and had only 23,100 miles on it. I have been after him for a year and a half to buy this car - he got a new 2007 Z06 a few months ago. I love this car, have always wanted a 'Vette.

I have only one problem and I am sure there is an answer that I just don't know about. The power windows were working fine when I got it (4 days ago), on the drive from Illinois to NC the passenger side out of the blue would not roll down. This morning I took it out for a drive put it in the garage and when I went to get in it this afternoon the driver's window would not roll up (I had left it down). I am not sure what the heck is going on, if there is a safety lock or something I couldn't find in the owner's manual. I love the car and hate to run off to a dealership if it is something my husband could maybe fix. Ideas or suggestions are very welcome. I have been looking at the knowledge base but no luck yet. Anyway, I love this site and am loving my 'Vette.

North Carolina

Erik S. Klein
07-09-07, 05:48 PM
Hello and welcome to the CAC!

Congrats on your new Vette!

I'll let a C4 expert chime in on the PW issue. ;)



GS Diva
07-09-07, 05:52 PM

Welcome! I love seeing more women getting their own Corvettes!! You'll love it here.

My first thought about your window problem is the motor. I've had to replace a couple of those in my Corvette lifetime, but I'll let someone with more expertise chime in.


07-09-07, 06:16 PM
Welcome to the :CAC Dawn.

The motor is usually the culprit, but 2 in within a couple of days would make one wonder. I'm sure a C4 Expert will have some ideas.

How about some pictures?


07-09-07, 06:28 PM
Hope this works and the pics come through. He's a beauty.

07-09-07, 06:46 PM
Welcome to CAC!:w

07-09-07, 06:54 PM
Dawn, http://www.nearlygood.com/smilies/welcomeani.gif (http://www.nearlygood.com) to :CAC ! Nice looking Vette! I work with a guy who has a 94 all black coupe, and he loves it. I can't help out with the window problem, but I KNOW that there's a bunch of C4 types out there with the answers. Enjoy your Vette, and enjoy :CAC

07-09-07, 07:03 PM
Welcome, Dawn!
I won't venture a guess about your windows, but I'm sure someone will come along who will have some info for you.

That's a great looking vette! Congratulations.


07-09-07, 08:05 PM
Welcome to CAC! Pic's look sweet!!...some members don't always browse the new member section a whole lot, so you might want to go into the C4 help forum and post your question there about the windows.

07-09-07, 10:38 PM

Hi Dawn!! Sorry to hear you're having a window issue in your new baby. I see you've posted another thread concerning the problem and that should draw some helpful responses.

Since you're new to the world of Corvettes here's a link to the CAC Tech Center Model page for the 1994 model. Click ME (http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/specs/c4/1994/index.html) That page contains links to 1994 specs, photos, production numbers, etc.

Hope you can put the window issue behind you quickly and get on with enjoying your Corvette.

Enjoy the forums! Oh BTW... if you're located in NC you may want to consider getting together with a bunch from the SE for a couple of days of driving - Tail of the Dragon style in October. We're posting updates about the trip in this forum here - Click ME for Southeast Forum (http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=63)
:wJane Ann

07-09-07, 11:18 PM
welcome to CAC!!!!:CAC

enjoy the vette as well as the forums!!!!!!!!!!

Gry Ghst
07-10-07, 02:57 AM
Welcome and nice Corvette you have.Tail of The Dragon October 18th-21st.Come join the fun.

07-10-07, 07:12 AM
Welcome Dawn! And congrats on the 94, sounds like you got a nice one:upthumbs.

Jump over to the C4 Tech forums and post your question about the window. I'm sure you'll get a faster response there. Some members don't frequent the welcome forums so they might never see your question.

Browse around, plenty to see here, glad to have you on board!

07-10-07, 07:51 PM
Welcome to CORVETTE ACTION CENTER Dawn, glad you could join us. This is the best Corvette site there is and the members are second to none. Not sure what could be the problem with your Pwr Window, may be the motor, I guess the first thing I would check out is if there is power at the electricial plug to the motor with a simple test light, that will tell you weather it's the motor or not. Maybe the conncector came loose on the trip of something like that. Just a thought I am definently not an expert ;shrug on C-4's so if you posted in the C-4 section someone will get back with you on it.

Bill :w

07-12-07, 10:21 PM
Hello and welcome to the Corvette Action Center

07-13-07, 11:50 AM
Welcome to the cac and NC :D Nice to have another vette in the state

Fast Freddie
07-13-07, 12:15 PM
This is what Mitchell on Demand says to do if both windows don't work:


1. With ignition switch in RUN position, connect a test light between master switch Brown wire connector terminal and ground. If light comes on, go to step 2). If light does not come on, check for poor connection at master switch. If connection is okay, repair open in Brown wire between POWER WINDOW (30-amp) circuit breaker and master switch.

2. Connect a test light between master switch Brown wire connector terminal and master switch Black wire (ground) connector terminal. If light comes on, check for poor connections at master switch. If connections are okay, replace master switch. If light does not come on, check for poor connections at master switch. If connections are okay, repair open in Black wire between master switch and ground.

There are other test procedures for different working/not working scenarios. Let me know what you need and i'll try to get it for you.

07-13-07, 09:00 PM
Hey Fast Eddie do you know them Waltrap boy's that run them 700 plus HP cars :louon the oval tracks that are from the Owensbora area: oh yes and Mayfield too?


Fast Freddie
07-13-07, 09:05 PM
dont know them personally, but i was a year behind david green in high school and had a few dealings with him, none good. my daughter is pretty good friends with haydens of motorcycle racing fame.

07-13-07, 09:50 PM
dont know them personally, but i was a year behind david green in high school and had a few dealings with him, none good. my daughter is pretty good friends with haydens of motorcycle racing fame.

Just curious; I am not a BIG :ugh David Green fan!

Bill :w

07-13-07, 10:07 PM
Welcome to the cac and NC :D Nice to have another vette in the state
Yeah, well there is more the 1 or 2 of us here!!!! Welcome to CAC!!!!:upthumbs

07-13-07, 10:56 PM
Welcome Dawn. I'm a newbie here too.

On the window issue I have nothing specific but some info in general. The first thing (and the easiest) to check is the PW fuse. Swap it for another one (from a known working circuit) and see what happens. The 2nd thing I'd check is the connector in the driver's door of the wiring to the switch. Test for current going both in and out of the switches. Then I'd remove a door panel(s) and test for current at the motors(s) when the switches are operated. By now you should have narrowed the problem down a great deal.

Please let us know the outcome of this.

Red Vette
07-16-07, 06:25 AM
Welcome to the CAC and great that you were able to secure the corvette of your choice. About the Power Windows. First, did the passenger window malfunction with only the driver's side switch, or did you also try the passenger side switch - and what was the result? If you didn't try the passenger side switch, and now both malfunction at times with the drivers side switch only, I would suspect that switch first. If the passenger side window malfunctions, try the passenger side switch. If it works, suspect the driver side switch. Bad electrical contacts or bad switch. In any event, after trying some of the remedies previously suggested, you will have to pull the interior driver side panel and check for current at the switch. (You should check the forum for directions on how to get the interior panel off). If there is current at the switch, and the windows do not go up and down, then the motor-regulator system may be the culprit. As you stated it, your husband may be able to fix the problem, but understand that replacing the switch is one thing, replacing the motor regulator is another. That's because the motor-regulator attaches to the window guide system and is bolted to it. When removing, one must scribe or mark the locations of the window guide bolts. Re-installing them may require adjustments to get the windows to move freely. If both windows are problems, and the motor-regulators are the culprits, I think that your husband is in for a long week-end of work. According to the Shop Manual, the window system consists of the switch, motor-regulators, guides, and the windows. Before removing the motor-regulator, I would make sure that there is power to the motor-regulator. If the either of the switches are powered, then the motor-regulator should have power when the switch is activated (pushed). If not, then switch could be a problem, or the wires from the switch could be a problem. If no power at regulator, run a by-pass from the battery to the motor-regulator to detemine if it works. If not, replace.

Some say half the fun of owning a vette is working on them. In my youth it was, now I just want it to be trouble free. I only want to do minor things that are fun, but those shop rates at the dealer can eat your cash up quickly, so I do more than I want to do. If your husband (or you) are handy around cars, I suggest that you purchase a shop manual. The 1994 C4 manual is a two parter. You will need both. Make sure you purchase the red covered ones, the white covered ones were preliminary and had to be corrected. Unfortunately, the manuals do not come with all of the updates that GM sent to the dealers.

Let us know what the outcome of the "mystery of the power windows" caper is. Enjoy the car, don't let the windows get you down.