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THE CREATORShttps://mail.tobefast.com:4443/exchange/streetbikebrandi/Inbox/FW:%20McCoy%20MotorSports%20T-Rex.EML/1_multipart/http%3A_xF8FF__xF8FF_go-t-rex.com_xF8FF_images_xF8FF_li.gif?Security=3
Daniel Campagna is no newcomer to the automotive industry. In addition to participating in Formula Ford competition championships held in Quebec (1976, 1977 and 1979), he built the off-road racer Voodoo in 1982 and created the twin-track snowmobile in 1984. Meanwhile, Campagna was one of the mechanics to the Formula 1 legend: Gilles Villeneuve.

Paul Deutschman, an internationally known designer developed the bodywork for the https://mail.tobefast.com:4443/exchange/streetbikebrandi/Inbox/FW:%20McCoy%20MotorSports%20T-Rex.EML/1_multipart/http%3A_xF8FF__xF8FF_go-t-rex.com_xF8FF_images_xF8FF_icone.jpg?Security=3 T-Rex. After graduating from Hatfield (England) with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Deutschman was employed by Rover and Jaguar before he returned to his native Quebec to work in design and prototype construction. His Porsche Spexter has been featured on the cover of MotorTrend and Sports Car Illustrated. As a designer from Callaway, he was responsible for all Callaway cars, from Corvette aerobody to C-7 and


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I might if I didn't already have something in the works.... :Twist