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03-09-02, 08:40 AM
scroll down about 1/2 of the screen for info and pics.
I just got my stealth ram delivered and after very carefull measurement its about .7-.8" too tall for the hood to close on my 1985 L98 the stealth ram is 10" tall over its intire plenum length while my TPI is about an inch shorter, and lower in the front near the throttle body(just over 9" tall ) so with a little machine work too the intake or a hood scoop your fine but if everythings left totally stock it won,t quite fit because at least on my vette theres about 1/3" of space between the top of the tpi intake and the closed hood (two large lumps of clay and a closed hood prove that!!

OK guys I got out the tape measure and the runners in the stealth ram are just a little over 6" long from the face of the cylinder head to the plenum floor, what holley did was adapt their tunnel ram intake base(known for great airflow and good power)too take fuel rails and replaced the normal top with a plenum to fit the forward faceing G.M. throttle body. the stealth ram is well designed and has a strait shot into the intake ports like a tunnel ram with bigger runners, it will obviously out flow a super ram and this intake will obviously flow more air than a TPI intake by at least double. now if you can get it under your hood this thing should haul butt, Im very happy with it so far btw I have run the big mouth/slp combo and accell super ram intakes before so Im aware of how they work/run and this looks like the best intake yet as the mini ram has almost no runner length like the LT1 intake while the stealth ram should give the ram tuneing effect of the TPI without the air flow restrictions

when I called HOLLEYS tech # said they should be shipping them (stripped intakes)shortly(30-40 days) but total systems will be first to ship out so get your order in now before theres a big backorder list to fill!) the stealth RAM is a huge jump in air flow capacity over the other intakes I have seen or used and the 6" plus intake runner length will put the torque curve on the EFI intake just where it needs to be for great power, look here,
btw60 degs F=290 degsK 100 degs F=311degs K and 200 degs F= 366 degs K

now figureing that theres another 5 inches between the cylinder port entrance and the far edge of the intake valve thats about a tuned length of 11.5 inches of intake port or about 1/2 way between the super victor intake and the super ram in length so the tuned rpm band will be lower than a super victor intake but slightly higher than a super ram intake with about 30% better flow so in theory the STEALTH RAM should work from about the same rpms as the super ram to about 1500 rpm higher in the rpm range than a super ram or 3500-7500+ rpm by looking at the figures. Oh btw its easy to see why HOLLEY made the plenum taller it to get the best and straitest air flow into the ports.

after looking at the problem its got a fairly easy answer for those of us that can fabricate,buy the stealth ram intake add either a hood scoop or just build a 14"l x 6" w x 2.6" tall plenum and cut it to fit the base ports and G.M.throttle body mounts. the holley plenum is about 3.875" tall so that change (with carefull clearanceing for the water neck/IAC houseing ) should do it. you cant beat holleys 300cfm port flow

03-09-02, 12:56 PM
...you cant beat holleys 300cfm port flow

I guess not! :upthumbs

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03-20-02, 04:49 PM
.As you may or may not know the TPI intakes don,t flow much air above 4500rpm so HOLLEY just came out with the STEALTH RAM INTAKE that flows WAY MORE AIR AND MAKES WAY MORE HP but its too tall to fit the L98 engine c-4 vettes by about 1" and most of the camaros, well I found a place with the knowledge and skill to modify the plenum on
the STEALTH RAM INTAKE to fit the c-4 vettes and do other custom EFI intake mods http://fuelinjectorclinic.com/
this company does quite simular work to other brand intakes all the time! they can also make EFI intakes from the HOLLEY BBC intakes, or make EFI INTAKEs from the EDELBROCK SUPER VICTOR intakes http://www.holley.com/HiOctn/ProdLi.../AMSM/5955.html http://www.holley.com/HiOctn/ProdLi.../AMSM/5951.html
send one of the HOLLEY EFI TUNNEL RAM BASES to these people and they can adapt the parts necessary to make what you want

03-22-02, 06:01 PM
Thanks for keeping us up to date grumpy... :upthumbs

03-22-02, 06:24 PM
I'm curious to what mods they are intending to do . Judging from the pictures ,which I realize are kinda vague, they dont have much room to work on the plenum or the manifold. They could mill the manifold , but I doubt a whole inch. and I dont see much room for mods on the plenum either. What did they say they would do?

03-23-02, 10:48 AM
they can fabricate a whole new plenum to fit the standard base easier than modifying the Holley plenum thats true OR if you want to keep an almost factory apperance they can cut and modify the HOLLEY plenum by cutting the front 1/2" OFF THE PLENUM and then cutting 1" out of the lower edge of the HOLLEY plenum box area and welding the plenum back together and then re -attaching/reweld the throttle body mounting plate to the front of the modifyied plenum.