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04-18-07, 01:36 PM
Not quite car related, but it was one of the significant "C-projects" :cool

1999 Corvette Ski boat

Corvette Ski boat . Limited Edition, complete with the Last Callaway Supernatural Motor. This motor has been signed by Reeves Callaway himself. GM and the Corvette divsion teamed up with Callaway Motors and Malibu Boats to produce a limited run from 1997-2000 of 150 of these Corvettes. This is model # 141 and was the last to use the Callaway SuperNatural motor. It is 100% matching numbers. It was also used as the model boat for all the printed sales material they used. This motor is wicked fast and produces over 400 HP with plenty of torque. This Corvette likes to get wet and stay in the water.
This corvette is fully loaded and has only 72 hours on the motor making it one of the lowest hours Corvette Limited Edition Ski Boat out there.
It is recommended for fresh water only.
A trailer with real C4 wheels and a spare is included.
This has been kept stored in a conditioned warehouse I have since Dec 2004 which is located in Virginia and has not been in the water since the summer of 2004.
This is a rare chance to own something that many people didn't know even exisited. If you are into high performance muscle cars and water sports this is the best of both worlds.
Thanks for looking.
Price - $ 58,500
Call (202) 438-3553
Potomac, Maryland USA


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http://images.webkrafters.com/trinity/28000/99chev28003-2_t.jpg (http://images.webkrafters.com/trinity/28000/99chev28003-2.jpg) http://images.webkrafters.com/trinity/28000/99chev28003-3_t.jpg (http://images.webkrafters.com/trinity/28000/99chev28003-3.jpg)

04-18-07, 09:48 PM
I don't know if I've said this before, but I think the Callaway Malibu boats are how I first heard of Callaways in the '90s.

04-24-07, 11:03 PM
Since this is a 1999, does it still have an LT1 SNAT in it? Or is it some sort of LS1? It's hard to tell with that air intake up top.

04-25-07, 03:29 AM
Looks like a LT1, not that I have to much knowledge about engines for water use but a LS1 has an sparkcoil on each cilinder and the LT1 has an older central system (optispark). An optispark an water don't go that well together and looking at the sparkwires it has a HEI ignition. So I think an LT1. :)

Groeten Peter