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03-18-07, 06:47 PM
If the need arises, is it possible for someone to check out a vehicle for me within the next couple of days in the Enfield, Ct area?
If so, you can e-mail me directly at fxgs@msn.com

03-23-07, 08:43 PM
Mark, I just passed through there two weeks ago, if only it was earlier... ;shrug
However, Big John is about a hour from there. Maybe he has a few hours to spare?

Whatcha buying?? :ohnoes

03-24-07, 07:00 PM
I'm sort of on a Camaro jag right now, was going back and forth on price on a '99SS, with a ton of mods (all documented, over 400 RWHP) but while I was doing this, some one came along and offered the price I originally was going to and got it. As they say, ya snooze, ya lose! Would of looked great with the Aero body panels, which are still available. (Joanne e-mailed me the info)
Anyhow, I found a 2000 SS, right in my back yard, with a documented ZL-1 427 (#41 of 69) with only1100 miles on it. It's quite a bit more $$$ than the other one, but I might just make an offer and see......................
Cindie sends her best

03-25-07, 12:58 PM
I'd be careful with the '99 SS, but you probably already know that. Many Camaro owners are just interested in power, not reliability, and they want it cheap. I know many owners with LT1s pushing close to 400 hp and LS1s pushing over 400 hp, but many of them buy the cheapest parts available on the market. If the engine mods aren't from GMMG, SLP, Lingenfelter, or Callaway, I would be very careful.

I'm confused about the 2000 SS. Is this a 2000 SS with an engine swap, or a Berger, Tom Henry, or Hot Rod Magazine edition SS? A few of the Berger SSes were phase III from GMMG and had the C5R 427 engine I believe, but not many.

I have a friend who owns one of the 600 horsepower 2002 ZL1 Camaros, here's a video:
I think his is number 20, but I'd have to look to be sure.

03-25-07, 05:30 PM
I'm confused about the 2000 SS. Is this a 2000 SS with an engine swap

Yes, its a engine swap.......................If I decide on an SS, I'll reach out to you for any thoughts or ideas as I'm just starting to familarize myself with them

03-25-07, 06:22 PM
I'm not necessarily a gearhead, but I'd be happy to help in any way I can. :upthumbs

03-28-07, 01:03 PM
Here's a pic of the ZL1, phase III 427 engine. The car is #19, I guess I remembered incorrectly.
http://inlinethumb46.webshots.com/5229/1220090628059046405S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/1220090628059046405DSyKhn)

03-28-07, 08:23 PM
Here's a pic of the ZL1, phase III 427 engine. The car is #19, I guess I remembered incorrectly.
http://inlinethumb46.webshots.com/5229/1220090628059046405S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/1220090628059046405DSyKhn)

Sweet!! :D

C-4 Now
03-28-07, 08:58 PM
Living in Grand Rapids I've seen quite a few of the Berger ZL Camaro's including a couple of the phase III cars. These cars are pretty quick! Berger cars from the muscle car era are pretty desirable! Don't know if these later cars will have same attraction some day or not but I feel with limited production and the desirable performance there is a good chance! :upthumbs :w Ike

03-28-07, 10:58 PM
I think there's a huge chance that these cars will be collectible. Here's a run-down of what I think the most collectible 4th generation Camaros will be in the future (excuse any minor errors as I'm not looking at written stats for my descriptions):

1. By far the most collectible will be the Dick Harrell Editions, they have a widebody kit that is exclusive to the DH edition Camaros and come with the same options ZL1s had PLUS additional options (like a Phase IV engine package). I don't know the exact production details, but so far there are only a few dozen. The real popularity lies in the fact that the widebody does not exist on the aftermarket and it is insanely popular.

2. I believe the next in collectibility would be the phase III ZL1s (followed by other phases) in '69 inspired colors. Colors such as Lemans Blue metallic, Frost Green, and the other rare colors should be popular. The '02 Camaro colored ones such as Bright Rally Red, Onyx Black, and Arctic White will be popular, but not likely as much as the '69 colored ones.

3. The Dale Earnhardt edition Camaros. Several of these are highly limited, for example, in 1995, only 7 Dale Earnhardt Championship Series Camaro Z28s were ever made. Only 3 Dale Earnhardt Signature Series Camaros were made in '99. The GMMG special edition Intimidator SSes should increase in value, but not as much as these insanely limited ones. His name has a lot of value to some people, and even though the non-Intimidator SS cars aren't well-known, they'd still go for a lot on the auction block with proper paperwork and authentification.

4. Berger Camaros in unusual colors. Berger did not make too many Camaros in full-out custom colors, most remained the factory stock colors. The yellow and hugger orange ones will remain popular and exclusive along with the 1 of 1 in the Dupont Chromalusion color and several others. Hot Rod Magazine Camaros can be lumped in this group as well. One was made for each year the Camaro was produced (36 total made -- 1 was a test car). For example, #1974 represents the 1974 Camaro.

5. Callaway C8s. Callaway C8s aren't popular with the Camaro people right now, but they may be in the future. The name is fairly well known, the car just isn't that popular. The fact that no production numbers have been published (that I know of) probably hurts their value the most. The Camaros with just the SNATs will probably increase in value as well.

6. Factory special editions like pace car replicas, anniversary editions and of course the rare optioned Camaros. The 1LE option is already popular since it was like ordering a Camaro for the race track and I believe the F-1 appearance package will increase the value of certain cars that actually have received it. (I've only seen two in person). The one pictured below is an export model of the F-1 (note the mirrors and sidemarkers).

7. Hendrick (hard to identify from the outside if you don't read the floormats), Tom Henry (essentially the same thing as Berger Camaros but far less known), Mecham Z29R, and whoever made the ZR28 may become popular in the future, but the production history is pretty much unknown and nobody knows what these are anymore ESPECIALLY wacky special editions like the Granetelli Signature Series Camaro(s), the ZR28, etc.

03-28-07, 11:02 PM
Berger SS:

Dick Harrell Edition:

'95 Dale Earnhardt Championship Series:


F-1 (european export version):

4 ZL1s (notice the subtle periwinkle colored one):

Mecham Z29R:

Callaway C8:
whew... that was a lot of work rounding up pics and writing that stuff. I hope somebody enjoys reading this! :ugh