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03-15-07, 09:26 AM
Morning all:w . Just joined this site because I might need some advice on a project I've had sence 1976. :confused I bought a 1969 stingray conv/350/350/4sp,hard top/air,and all pwr,when I lived in Ohio. Moved to Florida in 1978 ( couldn't deal with the snow anymore ) and drove it till 1985 and its been sitting in a garage sence then 1985 because af rusty frame problam from Ohio and Daytona Beach. Got married in 1985,and she tried to get me to sell it for 18 years;LOL . NOT!..Well needless to say,shes taken a differant road in 2004 :chuckle ( divorse ) and I still have it :boogie and I started to work on it. Can't wait to get it back on the road with my new wife and have some fun. ..........:beer

Erik S. Klein
03-15-07, 09:43 AM
Welcome to the CAC!


03-15-07, 11:06 AM
Welcome to the CAC!

Thanks Eric,looking forward to chatting with you all :L

03-15-07, 11:22 AM
Welcome to the CAC!

Post some pics when you get a chance.. We all LOVE pics..


03-15-07, 12:13 PM
welcome to the club.:) :) :) :) :) :) Billy

03-15-07, 12:41 PM
Welcome to the Forum. Get that Vette a goin'.

03-15-07, 12:59 PM

It's important to share life with people that share your Corvette passion - spouse as well as friends! Glad you joined us! We'll look forward to seeing photos of that :cool COOL '69 Shark.

:w Jane Ann

Nobody Cares
03-15-07, 04:04 PM
Welcome to the :CAC . Enjoy the site. Lots of good folks on the cac. Dave:w



03-15-07, 04:12 PM
welcome to CAC!!!!!!:CAC

hope you enjoy the forums!!!!!!!!1

03-15-07, 05:09 PM
Welcome to CAC and get started on that project!:w

03-15-07, 07:09 PM
Welcome to the CAC!


vett boy
03-15-07, 07:37 PM
Welcome.My 69 had frame problems but it's all fixable.Labor of love ,enjoy

03-15-07, 07:56 PM
Welcome to CAC!

Sounds like a fun project you've got going, no doubt you get it finished it'll be your dream car like new again!

03-16-07, 03:54 PM
Welcome aboard! Lots of great folks and valuable information here in the CAC.

Gry Ghst
03-16-07, 04:49 PM
Welcome to the CAC.

03-17-07, 08:53 AM
Welcome to Corvette Action Center; glad to have you aboard. Get that Vette back on the road soon. Sounds like a fairly major project but worth it. Now lets get to work on it. . . . . . . .


03-24-07, 10:14 AM
Congrats on the 69 vette and new wife!! :upthumbs Welcome to the Forum, they're great for getting up to speed on all Vette things and you will also meet a lot of new friends. :beer