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Al Stewart
03-05-07, 07:39 AM
I am new to the Corvette Action Center Community but not to Corvettes. I have owned three C4 Corvettes Coupes (89, 90, & 92); two of them was lost in Floods. After Hurricane Katrina took my 1992, I though I was done with Corvettes! How wrong I was.

Last month I purchased a 2005 Corvette Coupe with less than 13,000 miles of usage. She is in excellent condition with every option available, except the steering wheel shift paddles.

I am delighted to be behind the wheel of my favorite Sport Car. Remember the wave! :crazy

03-05-07, 08:03 AM
AL........Welcome To CAC. You will love it here. I am glad to hear that you didn't let Katrina scare you away from Vettes. You made a great choice on the C6, I know I love mine. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the world. I have been there many times and will continue to return. The best food anywhere. I have been there a couple of times to take cooking classes at The New Orleans School of Cooking, down in the Quarter. Awesome place and awesome food and people.

Welcome again.....Kerry

03-05-07, 08:35 AM

Glad you joined us, Al!! Welcome from another resident of Katrinaland.

Enjoy the new Vette and the forums!!

:w Jane Ann

03-05-07, 12:51 PM
Welcome to the CAC!


03-05-07, 01:58 PM
Welcome to CAC!

Al Stewart
03-05-07, 02:05 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome Guys... The weather is right now (and most of the year) is absolutely perfect for driving Corvettes.

After Hurricane Katrina and stuck in Texas, I needed transportation to get back to N.O., so I purchased a BMW 540i. Nice Car, but wasn't a Corvette. I still have the 540i which is my daily vehicle. The Vette will be use for those special occasions!

03-05-07, 02:14 PM
welcome tom CAC!!!!!:CAC
glad to hear you survived the hurricane!!!!!!! :upthumbs :upthumbs

hope you enjoy the forum!!!!!

Erik S. Klein
03-05-07, 02:25 PM
Welcome to the CAC! Enjoy!


03-05-07, 08:00 PM
Welcome to the fray!:upthumbs

03-05-07, 08:06 PM
Al, welcome to the CAC, and congratulations on your new vette :upthumbs

Now I've got that "Year of the Cat" song on my brain :L


03-06-07, 11:33 AM
:w Welcome to :CAC

Nobody Cares
03-06-07, 06:03 PM
Welcome to the:CAC . That is one mighty fine looking vette you have Al. Enjoy the site. Dave :w



03-06-07, 08:46 PM
Welcome to the :CAC .

Looks like I will be making my first trip to New Orleans this Saturday. I will be there for an Anheuser-Busch convention. My hotel is on Bourbon Street, I guess thats a good place to start. :beer

03-06-07, 09:36 PM
welcome to the cac, sorry to hear of your loses, but you now have nice 2005 to enjoy.:) :) :):) :) :) Billy

Al Stewart
03-07-07, 05:58 AM
I'm sure you will enjoy your trip (and convention) to New Orleans C5 CRZN. Don't forget to try the food... you won't be dissappointed.

And to those of you who sent me a kind hello, thanks again. All of you have have "Great-Looking" Corvette(s) in your stable.

It is my opinion that the next best thing to driving your dream car is detailing her (or him). I enjoy cleaning my baby.

Remember the Wave...

vett boy
03-07-07, 06:17 AM
Welcome ,now that I know where you live i'll be over for breakfast and beer.
Welcome again Al and enjoy.

03-07-07, 08:08 AM
Hello and welcome to the Corvette Action Center..Congrats on the Vette.

03-11-07, 10:00 AM
Welcome to CORVETTE ACTION CENTER Al Stewart; glad you could join us. Good look'n C-6, love the black. . . . . .

Bill :w

03-23-07, 08:29 AM
:CAC Welcome to the Family!!!

Al Stewart
03-23-07, 11:23 AM
Hello and welcome to the Corvette Action Center..Congrats on the Vette.

I'm also glad to be a member of the Largest Gang in America: The COPS. :beer

03-23-07, 02:48 PM

Al Stewart
03-23-07, 03:14 PM
that's a mightly find looking Corvette you got there. I had a 1992 Coupe that was taken away from me by Hurricane Katrina. She was Black w/ Gray Interior. Ahhh... so much for reminiscing about the past.:cry
Remember the Wave!!:w

03-23-07, 03:36 PM
Thank you Al. It's my pride and joy. In fact I'm just about to bring her out of storage today. It's finally nice here. As for the past.....it was great but so is the present. All the best...

03-24-07, 10:16 AM
Congrats on the new vette !! :upthumbs Welcome to the Forum, they're great for getting up to speed on all Vette things and you will also meet a lot of new friends. :beer