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02-17-07, 02:40 PM
Now that the embargo has been lifted... :beer

I'd like to discuss one of my favorite underappreciated Callaways here. The 1973 Camaro SuperNatural!


A SuperNatural LT1 and a '93-'96 Camaro interior all in a '73 Camaro... come on... now that's what I call a restomod!!! :drool:

02-17-07, 10:03 PM
One of my ALL TIME FAVORITES - and of course, it is in Texas :W

A lot of engineering went into that car - I think it was featured in HOT ROD, back in the day :cool

02-18-07, 03:02 PM
I tried finding the HotRod Magazine article on their website and came up empty. :cry They must have deleted some of the older articles, because I believe that's where I found these images...

It's in Texas? You know what? I need to get out more, I've still only seen 1 Callaway in my life. :ugh

02-18-07, 06:09 PM
Maybe search the Callaway forum old threads. I remember a very very nice (old) Camara that Callaway did. Don't know if its the same one, I thought in the other thread the interior looked way better.

Groeten Peter.

02-18-07, 10:18 PM
I remember the article as well... Nice!!!


02-19-07, 02:20 PM
Maybe search the Callaway forum old threads. I remember a very very nice (old) Camara that Callaway did. Don't know if its the same one, I thought in the other thread the interior looked way better.

Groeten Peter.
Good memory! I did a search and found it. Much better pics :cool
That door panel makes my knees shake! I don't even know how that could possibly be done... that's amazing! Not to mention the dash from a '93 Camaro. This is officially the coolest 2nd Gen Camaro ever. Not only does it no longer have a carburetor, but it has an interior SUPERIOR to that of a '93 Camaro. That door panel... wow.

I wonder how the ergonomics are in the car? My car has about 2 feet more dash than this one does, I wonder if it affects how comfortable the car is to drive?

02-20-07, 02:46 AM
Nice to see my memory goes back at least 3 years :D
Same car but a very nice conversion!

Groeten Peter.

11-27-07, 05:50 PM
Here's a very, VERY sweet Callaway Camaro. $250,000 worth of car right here. This guy sent it off to Callaway to have the whole thing redone. It's a '73 with the RS package. Gotta love those split bumpers, among everything else of course!

From: http://www.geocities.com/sxc_camaro/powertour.html

More expensive than I expected!

12-31-07, 01:38 PM
For those of you interested, I decided to post this here unedited.

I wrote this on a Camaro message board today because someone asked about the 73/93.

I don't have the article, but I do have some pics and info. I'm a huge Callaway fan so you're in luck! :D I believe the magazine you're looking for is an issue of Hot Rod magazine, but I don't know what issue it is. If you find out, please let me know, as I'd like to buy it or find someone to scan it for me.

There was a two-page spread for the car in Super Chevy August 2000 as well, which is where a lot of what I know about the car comes from.

The 73/93 Camaro was created by Wade's Rod & Custom in Wylie, TX. It's a 1973 Camaro with the interior of a '93 Camaro and one of Callaway's SuperNatural engines. The cost to create it was rumored to be about $250,000.

I don't know if the original owner still owns it, but the original owner was Bill Ogle from Texas. I've never been fortunate enough to find Bill online, but since we both live in Texas, I'd love to see his cars someday. But anyway, Bill Ogle is actually the person who donated his car to Reeves Callaway's SuperNatural engine program for 4th gen f-bodies. He allowed Reeves to use his '93 Camaro (supposedly a Pace Car Replica) for development purposes, so it has many one-off parts on it as well. I've never seen pictures of it though... :( (if any of you have any please let me know!!!!)

I'll do a GIGANTIC Callaway C8/Camaro write up in this series soon. I'm more of an expert on them than any other special Camaro. I know most people hate the way they look, but I really like them A LOT for their uniqueness and engineering.

I know of several cars Ogle owns/owned. The 73/93, the first '93 Camaro with a Callaway SuperNatural engine (he didn't get the bodykit), a '70 Dodge Charger with a Viper V10 engine, a '71 Baldwin-Motion Phase III 454 Camaro, a '69 Dick Harrell COPO 427 Camaro, and the very first Callaway C12--the '97 development car.

Anyway, this car was originally purchased by Ogle for about $500 as the story goes, and it sat in storage for years and years.

Sometime in 1994, Ogle bought a totaled '93 Camaro that had only 2000 miles on it, and he got the idea to have his '73 Camaro completely modernized.
The car sits on a tube chassis and has a 12-point roll cage. It has a 10-bolt rearend with 3.73 gearing as well as a TON of tricked out suspension components and 13 inch Brembo or Baer brakes. This thing can supposedly handle like a dream.
Keeping with the 93 theme, the car has many of the '93 Camaro's parts like the firewall, steering box, and braking equipment like master cylinder and booster (even the ABS!), and the '93's air conditioning system.
The LT1 was shipped off to Callaway to be rebuilt into one of their SuperNatural engines. Callaway essentially took care of all of the drivetrain components I believe, except for the air intake and driveshaft.
The air intake is a custom piece Wade's made with K&N air filters. The driveshaft is a DynoTech composite driveshaft.
It has 505 horsepower and the usual Borg-Warner T56 we're so familiar with here. As you can see, the car has the '93 Camaro dash, pedals, and center console. Everything works as it should since the '93 wiring harness was reused. I don't have this 100% confirmed, but it's obvious to me that Callaway's wood veneer kit and short-throw shifter were purchased as well.
Although it looks like the speakers were removed (see door), the car actually has a custom Alpine stereo with plenty of speakers hidden around the car.
The seats are from a '94 Trans Am. The rest of the interior was custom stitched by Cooks Auto Top and Trim in Murphy, TX supposedly, but since Callaway's signature is embroidered on the door panel, I would assume they provided to leather to Cooks.
One of the best custom Camaros ever created. Thanks for asking about it... I didn't initially plan on featuring it! :)

12-31-07, 01:39 PM
Some more images of 73/93:
This last one is a picture of it before the hood scoop was opened up

12-31-07, 02:32 PM
Thanks for sharing... very cool.

01-02-08, 09:03 AM
Thanks for your kind words on the 73/93. I brought the 73/93 and the C/12 to a show in Dallas last year.

01-02-08, 10:28 AM
Are you Bill Ogle? I'd love to see some pics of your '93 Camaro if you have any! :upthumbs

01-02-08, 12:15 PM
Are you Bill Ogle? I'd love to see some pics of your '93 Camaro if you have any! :upthumbs

Welcome tot he Callaway Forum at the :CAC

Love to see pics of that 73/93 as well :cool :w

01-02-08, 01:37 PM
no,this is Wade ....I do the work on Bills' cars. He is in Florida until the spring. You can check out my newest work on my website www.wadesrodandcustom.com

01-02-08, 02:55 PM
Oh, very cool.

I forgot to ask, what was the show you brought the cars to? I must have missed them. It wasn't Autorama was it?

01-06-08, 05:51 PM
It was the Dallas Rod & Custom show at the Convention Center. It was put on my the same guy that does the Autorama. It was a test show for future consideration instead of Market Hall.

01-06-08, 11:16 PM
Darn! I'm disappointed I didn't go. Do you have any pictures from the show?

01-07-08, 12:08 AM
Here is a link to it...http://www.hotrodhappenings.com/Gallery-Show-DallasSupershow081107/DallasRodAndCustomSupershow-081107/index.htm try that

01-07-08, 10:33 AM
Very nice! I wish I knew about it at the time!

I actually drove next to this PT Cruiser one day on my way to work, it looked really nice and I regretted not seeing it ever again. Maybe it was being driven to the show... ;shrug

Even stranger... this is one of my neighbors.