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06-09-06, 12:18 PM
From GM:

<img src="/images/design/front/cooksey.jpg" width="152" height="115" border="2" alt="Wil Cooksey" align="right" hspace="5" vspace="5" />This past Wednesday, GM North America Vice President of Quality Jamie Hresko delivered the J.D. Power Initial Quality Results. The Lexus SC 430 finished first in our Premium Sporty category. One big consolation is that our XLR and Corvette scored the best of all GM vehicles (see back page for specific survey results). Commenting on our continuous quality improvements, VAE Manager Tom Hill said, "I remember attending car shows with the C4 when we'd take parts and tools with us for repairing and finessing customers' cars. With the C5, we left the parts at home. Now with the C6, we leave both parts and tools at home."

We Will Be the Best
-From Wil Cooksey, Corvette Assembly Plant Manager

I am extremely pleased with our plant's J.D. Power results. Coming in at 85 PPH, tying with the Mercedes- Benz SL-Class for third place in its class, and ranking 8th out of the top ten models in the industry world-wide, the Corvette's performance was outstanding. Not to mention, this score was the best of any GM product, and on top of that, our plant overall came in 8th out of the top 15 GM plants in North and South America. Of course, the XLR results were phenomenal at 68 PPH. However, these results were not included in the study because the sample size was too low.

One thing that I take pride in is the relationship that GM has built with our customers. To me, knowing what our customers like and dislike is more than getting J.D. Power results once a year; it's about having two-way conversations with our customers on a regular basis, and that's what I have committed myself and my team to do.

From what our customers are telling us at events all over the world, and from the newest J.D. Power results, it's evident that we are building the highest quality Corvette that has ever been on the road. The quality of this car is due to the care you put into each Corvette…as if it were your own. That special touch and passion for the car is what sets us apart from others, and honestly, it's what keeps me going.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our plant, to the car, and to our customers. As always, keep the focus as we strive to BE THE BEST.


J.D. Power & Associates
2006 Initial Quality Study

GM's performance in this year's study:
o GM had the top plant in North/South America (Gold).
o GM took 7 of the top 15 North/South American Plants.
o Two models earned best in segment.
o Five models ranked 2nd, and four models ranked 3rd in their segments.
o GM swept the Large Pickup segment.
o Three brands were above the industry average.
o One model (Corvette) ranked in the top ten overall in initial quality.

What is the JD Power IQS?
The J.D. Power and Associates 2006 Initial Quality Study is based on responses from over 63,000 purchasers and lessees of new 2006 model-year cars and trucks surveyed after 90 days ownership.
o This is the 20th year for this study.
o These results are used by many consumers when making a purchase decision.

Why you can't compare the 2005 and 2006 IQS survey results:
o The 2006 survey was redesigned with questions that are much more descriptive and discriminating.
o The total number of survey questions increased from 135 to 217.
o Quality problems are now classified into two categories - defects/malfunctions and design.
o Plant rankings are now based on defects/malfunctions ONLY.
o The model entries in almost every segment have changed from last year.

2006 IQS Results:

2006 IQS Plant Award Winners - North / South America:
Oshawa #2 (GM) (Gold)
Georgetown - (Toyota) (Silver) tie
Windsor (DaimlerChrysler) (Silver) tie

Other Top 15 GM Plants in North / South America:
Hamtramck (7)
Bowling Green (8)
Lansing Grand River (11)
NUMMI (12)
Oshawa Truck (13)
Fairfax (14)

Best in Segment :
Pontiac Grand Prix - Large Car
Chevrolet Silverado LD - Large Pickup

Top Three in Segment:
Buick Rainier - Midsize Multi-Activity Vehicle (2nd)
Chevrolet Silverado HD - Large Pickup (tied-2nd)
GMC Sierra HD - Large Pickup (tied-2nd)
GMC Yukon - Large Multi-Activity Vehicle (2nd)
GMC Savana - Van (2nd)
Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Midsize Sporty (3rd)
Chevrolet Corvette - Premium Sporty (3rd)
Chevrolet Tahoe - Large Multi-Activity Vehicle (3rd)
HUMMER H2 - Large Premium Multi-Activity Vehicle (3rd)

Top Three Models in Large Pickup Segment:
Silverado LD, Silverado HD and Sierra HD
o All three models finished ahead of the Toyota Tundra and Ford F-150

Three Brands Above Industry Average:
Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet

Top 10 Industry Leading Models:
Chevrolet Corvette (8)