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02-09-01, 07:13 PM
I have recently purchased a 1981. The plaque on the console states: Custom made for JEM Enterprises WA80BF; 330 hp; 350 cu, 360 torque, 9.01 ratio. What is this saying? The VIN has the standard engine number, but the engine is really at 330 hp.

02-09-01, 08:21 PM
Hopefully someone will reply who is familar with the Custom Shop that you refer to. I will say this about your engine, it is easy to make horsepower from a small block Chevy with a few mods. One of the obvious on yours is the compression ratio. The L-81 engine from the factory had a 8.2:1 ratio. The 9:1 ratio is a result of modified design pistons and head modifications. Stay tuned, I'm sure someone has answers....

02-10-01, 11:45 AM

Hello!! Nice to see another L81 guy on the CAC. Have you registered on the L81VetteRegistry.com website? Pls do so if you haven't. DDL-81 is correct. Someone out there will have some insight into you mod.

Enjoy........ Nut