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61 Silver
01-01-02, 07:59 PM
I was under the 1965 cleaning and reading numbers on the transmission. There is a metal tag secured by a side cover plate bolt. The number is: 857580 and is considered the part number. The C-2 restorers book or 1965 NCRS Tech.Guide that I am using as a reference materials do not list this as one of the numbers. Does any one have any information on this number. Thanks for any help.

01-01-02, 08:48 PM
3857580 is the correct assembly number for the 1965 M20 4-speed with 250/300hp engines and 3.08 or 3.36 axles. It's quite unusual to find that original embossed steel tag (under the forward lower side cover bolt), as it's usually the first thing the rebuilders throw away, although they are available in reproduction.

61 Silver
01-01-02, 09:53 PM
Thanks! John