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12-30-01, 05:52 PM
For the 63

Vin # tag states 414B
Style 19467
Chevy ID
(last numbers withheld @ owners request)

So what does this tell me?


12-31-01, 12:43 AM
Mike a 63 Corvette vin is 30837 S 100001 thru 30837 S121513.

21513 cars were madein 1963 including 10594 SW coupes and 10919 convertibles The forth digit is a "6" for convertibles.

Your number 194675S 10xxx represents, I believe, a 65 model Corvette convertible which has vin#'s 194375S100001 thru 194375S123562. Of the 23562 cars made that year, 15376 were convertibles and they all had vin #'s of 194675S10001 and up.

code 414 on the trim tag is for nassau blue ( bright) vinyl interior.

So, your friend has a 65 convertible with a tele column and other options that were available in 1965. Lets take a look at this old car. Maybe there are some treasures there!!!

Tom Bryant
12-31-01, 01:48 AM
Mike and I talked about this on the Solid Axle Lounge. I wonder why a '65 is being represented as a '63. Mike does it have '63 body panels? What does the title say? Is the interior still blue?


12-31-01, 10:59 AM
There are 3 verticle partitions on the side body panels behind the front wheels, just a plain hood
I spoke with the owner last night and it was in fact a 65 not a 63 ( My misunderstanding)

Yes the interior is still blue and still vinyl( My mistake again)

The post "Help find a home for a 63" now needs to be ammended.

12-31-01, 11:29 AM

12-31-01, 11:30 AM
And another

Tom Bryant
12-31-01, 12:17 PM
Looks to have real possibilities. My first midyear was a '65 convert pretty much like this one except for color.


12-31-01, 12:30 PM
I don't think it's worth 20K.......
and the owners stuck on that price.

The other problem is I don't fit in the car. The 16" wheel hits my legs even without the PAD on the seat. I could change the wheel to a 14"and add power steering.. but now I affect the "Survivor" status of the car.

I really don't want a Numbers matching show car, I want a Hot Rod, ( and I hate the BLUE interior)

12-31-01, 01:57 PM
How much do you want to step aside??

Perhaps I can find you a car that you want. How about a 65 white /red leather 365hp, orginal motor 2 top, leather interior and protecto plate???

How do I get to see the blue car??

12-31-01, 02:00 PM
Does Murle DuPre own this car??? If so I know it's history.

12-31-01, 04:32 PM

Nice chatting with you today....

Jeff is going today to check it out.....
Let me know what he thinks of the car.

"How much to step aside......"

Find me a ride..... rolling frame & body.

Any coin is up to you...

I never look a gift horse in the mouth

Ive been bitten to much

Good Hunting,