View Full Version : VIN # location(s)

11-26-01, 05:54 PM
I just purchased a 1964 coupe which was a theft recovery thus a new state assigned VIN was issued. Thru DMV I checked previous owners. The trail stops at the State Police with no old VIN for reference.

For the reasons I bought the car knowing the VIN is not important but I would like to know more about the history.

Was the VIN stamped any where else on the car such as the frame, rear end, or tranny? I know it is on the block, however the car has a early 70's 350 in it now. Any help with locations would be appreciated.


01-05-02, 07:58 PM
The VIN is stamped atop the frame above the left rear shock mount area. You will have to remove the wheel, clean off the frame, and may need a small mirror and flashlight to see the numbers.