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07-15-01, 02:29 PM
What's the matter? Is everything perfect out there? :L

Anybody get a new 405 hp Z06 yet? Any problems or concerns? :confused

My guess is that we'll probably kill this section unless you use it. :(

Hey, it's not designed for my generation! :eyerole

09-01-01, 12:57 AM
2000 Nassau Blue 6sd......... Definitely fun to drive!!! Body lines are very nice.......LS1's... nice torque, incredible performer when really pushed!!!!!!!! Interior is very attractive, gauges are awesome. It is a purpose built machine.......you can feel it! My Coupe is my 2nd Corvette, 1st being a 88 Z52.. and I have driven
nearly 70,000 miles total seat time. To better the C5......1st...
the EMT F1's....to hard... standard suspension......nice ride....but needs dampning work.....Id buy the Z51 on C6......or equivalent.
LS6 in the coupe ....that'd be nice! Active handling is a God send!
Keep it on ......all the time ......unless you got alot of pavement to regather it up........when your sliding. It can be obtrusive sometimes......cutting your power, but think it's been updated for 2001. I love the heads up display......work on the reflection onto the winshield.....when it is turned off. As for the interior......round
up the humps in the dash a bit........and get the grab bar out where it can be used! Id like to see the LS6......in the coupe, 6500 redline, non run flat tires, no more retractable head lights..if it can be designed right, a more a aggressive hood line... and as
much as I love the car......it needs, as i read in "Corvette Fever"
once ....to be a touch more "visceral" .....in touch
with a more aggressive nature.....Ive have attended "Powell"
driving school, and others to better my driving. Id also say for fun
take the "Richard Petty Driving experience" ......Rookie experience at "Bristol Motor Speedway"! I did it last October, while out on a
4,500 mile driving vacation..... Scott "Axl" ( NassauBlue )

09-05-01, 08:43 PM
I just got my 2001 black 6spd coupe about 2 weeks ago. I enjoy the performance. I'm still finding it hard to get comfortable in this car, since I use to driving a 1998 bmw 540 6spd. There is a gret deal of performance difference, but the ride, and fit and finish, stinks in comparison. Still nothing compares to the complete rush I get when I'm taking high speed corners then blasting out of them into amazing speeds. This car may be alittle unrefined in comparison to many german cars, but man can it haul ass!!. I cant stand the little rattle I get when starting off in 1st gear, but overall the car definetly an eye catcher and puts a smile on my face every time I walk into my garage!!!

2001 6spd Black Coupe
1979 L82 Red Automatic

09-05-01, 08:49 PM
Your comments about the fit and finish are interesting. They are very similar to what we're seeing with our online C5 Owner's Survey. I'll be working on summarizing that survey and releasing the results over the next couple of weeks.

09-08-01, 03:41 PM
I love the car. The handling is awsome, and the power is great. Yes the fit and finish could be better especially on a $45,000+ car, but you can't get performance like it from any other car in its class. They could of put better weather striping so that the top would not leak when it gets wet. Overall, though I would have to say driving the car is still an awsome feeling that you get from no other car, but a Corvette.

09-25-01, 11:30 AM
I owned my 2001 Speedway White Coupe almost a year..and in that time, I had no problems with it at all..except for the weight and size of the top when trying to remove it. That was one of the reasons I got a 2002 Convertible. I am able to raise and lower the convertible top by myself. I don't use the Heads Up Display because I find it too distracting. The Sport seats are terrific...the fit is fine for me. Not only do the seats go forward and back, but they go upward and the lumbar region can be adjusted. With the memory package, I have my seat and steering wheel set in memory and when I get out of it..the steering wheel automatically goes forward and the seat goes back, which makes it easier to get out of it...and when I get in it....the seat and steering wheel automatically go back to my driving position. The DIC gives alot of informations, such as miles per gallon, the remaining distance you can drive without refueling, oil temp, coolant temp trans fluid temperature, Battery voltage, tire pressures, engine oil life, plus alot more information all at a push of a button. This time I have the trunk mounted CD changer which is optional. The trunk is roomy.

The acceleration is awesome and on curves, it really hugs the road. The best part is the "fun" of driving it and it doesn't go away. :) When accelerating hard, the skin on your face goes towards the back of the vette. Just kidding. :) You are slammed back against the seat though. As Vi says...I
:love my vet.


09-25-01, 01:38 PM
Patti, that was a good one about the skin getting blown back! Now I know why I love my 98 Convertible (it's Flame Red also). Of course, it's really hard NOT to look good in a Vette.

It's finally "Fall" in Houston (hopefully, cool for a whole week). Time for the top down going home from work. Although, the hot weather really hasn't stopped me from putting the top down (I just go faster).

09-25-01, 01:52 PM
Oops, my apologies to all the Red Vette owners. I dnn't know why I keep calling it "Flame" Red when it's "Torch" Red.

But either way, it's HOT!!! :crazy

09-27-01, 01:27 AM
I agree 100 percent, 98TXRed! :) It's getting really chilly here already....they are forcasting some nights in the 30's here.
Have fun enjoying the cool weather in that Torch Red Beauty! :)


Originally posted by 98TXRed
But either way, it's HOT!!! :crazy [/B]

09-28-01, 08:41 AM
AHHHH ... Bad news on that Torch Red Beauty!!!

I got into the Jewel and turned the Key; the seat started to move up and the car started to turn over. Then, everything DIED. :mad No power (I can't even open the trunk!).

Now it's being towed to the shop; I hope it's not something serious. :cry

And to make matters worse, I had to borrow my wife's Taurus to get to work. I'll never hear the end of this from her! :(

09-28-01, 10:11 AM
That's awful, 98TXRed! :cry Hopefully you just need a new sensor
and your jewel will be back home soon. Be careful you don't enjoy driving your wife's Taurus so much, that you trade in your jewel for one. :D :Silly Keep us posted and good luck.


Originally posted by 98TXRed

Now it's being towed to the shop; I hope it's not something serious. :cry
And to make matters worse, I had to borrow my wife's Taurus to get to work. I'll never hear the end of this from her! :( :cry

09-28-01, 10:57 AM
Oh, you are NOT going to believe this!!! It was a loose battery cable!!! I checked everything but that and I know better. I acted like this is my first car; it's a good thing that I have AAA.

And to make matter worse, my wife is not letting me forget it (I may have to turn in my engineeting degree and 24 years of experinece).

Man, do I feel foolish!!! :crazy

09-28-01, 11:44 AM
Don't feel foolish 98TXRed...With all the electonics on them, who would think to check for a loose battery cable. That is funny though.:L Oops..didn't mean to laugh. :D That's terrific it was just a battery cable and your red jewel is raring to go again...now you can relax. :)


11-05-01, 11:42 PM
Just bought an 01 Coupe and was curious if anybody has experienced an annoying squeak in the steering column


02 C-5
11-28-01, 09:04 PM
I have a 02 C-5 on order now , I have been waiting two months now , The dealership says it should be mid Janurary . Meanwhile I am learning alot about the C-5's . So far the only subject that I have read about that I really do not like is the oil consumption stories and having to replaced the rings . I have heard that the 2002 have new piston and ring design . The other thing is the trans leaking , since I am getting A4 . I have been @ LS1.com , not much talk on C-5"s , I did find some good info for performance upgrades , I am learning alot from them , do's and don'ts .
I like this site better , I signed on this afternoon for the first time and tons of good stuff hear .

11-28-01, 09:08 PM

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. :)

11-28-01, 10:12 PM
Hi Joe, :) Welcome to the forum and Congratulations on your new 2002 on order. :) What color are you getting? You will find the wait for your 2002, one of the longest of your life. :D Rob has put together alot of very useful information here...so enjoy. :)


02 C-5
11-29-01, 06:41 PM
Hey : Nice car ! How do you like it ? Are you a cruiser or street rodder ?
I order mine magnetic red , Blk inter , coupe , A4 , 3:15 axle ratiio .I should get conformation on 12/1/01 when they will actually start building the car , I hope .

11-30-01, 01:17 AM
Thanks, Joe. :) I love everything about mine, awesome acceleration, smooth riding, very comfortable seats etc, etc.
I'm not a street rodder...so that makes me a cruiser. :) I have seen the magnetic red, and it's very beautiful. Great choice of color. So far I haven't heard of any oil consumption problems with the 2002...hopefully it will stay that way. :)


Originally posted by 02 C-5
Hey : Nice car ! How do you like it ? Are you a cruiser or street rodder ?
I order mine magnetic red , Blk inter , coupe , A4 , 3:15 axle ratiio .I should get conformation on 12/1/01 when they will actually start building the car , I hope .

11-30-01, 01:53 PM
My 2002 coupe(pewter of course) has 6550 miles on it since I brought it in August. No oil consumption, but plenty of gasoline consumption. One of the most comfortable and responsive vehicles I have ever driven. The raw power and , to me, refined comfort of the Corvette is hard to match. The only drawback is the seeming inability to keep from grinning like a Cheshire cat every time you drive it. I find myself taking the "long"way everywhere. My wife calls it "driving aimlessly". It ain't aimless if you're having fun. Take your time deciding on modifications as there is a bunch of stuff to do to these cars. Most of mine, except for the Z06 airbox are cosmetic. Oh. change the stock light bulbs to a higher wattage and the foglamps to the 885's. Have fun and welcome to the forum and the only true American Sports Car...http://home.earthlink.net/~hmmm1/New_Folder/XYXWAVE.GIF Keep waving and the greasy side down....

11-30-01, 03:05 PM
Michael, I love the "GrumpyVette" logo on your Corvette! :upthumbs

Have you guys seen the cover of the new Vette Mag? Red, white and blue "Stars and Stripes" C5. :cool

_ken :w

02 C-5
12-01-01, 12:04 PM
I got the call yesterday , I should be receiving my Corvette in 2 weeks , I have an invoice # and Vin # , they faxed it to me .

12-01-01, 12:09 PM
Awesome! Keep us posted Joe!:upthumbs

12-01-01, 12:38 PM


12-01-01, 12:47 PM
Nah, did the logo thnig in Paint Shop Pro, then slapped it on the picture of the backside. I do have some shirts I did with the Grumpy.

Scanned Grumpy off of a hat that my dog chewed up, cleaned it up and colored it and put on top of the C5 logo, instant Grumpy C5. Some days it's really boring here at work:D :D

Plan on trying to make a decal for the fuel covers in the engine bay. Need a different kind of printer....

12-01-01, 02:03 PM
say again .. you lost me it it a transfer off the computer and how does it stick?

12-01-01, 02:38 PM
There is nothing on my car. It's only on the picture of the car. Sorry if I didn't explain this clearly. I wouldn't mind if I could get it painted on the car 'tho.

12-02-01, 05:50 PM
Cool looking logo you got there Grumpy.

12-02-01, 11:14 PM
I'm over 35,000 on the 98 right now and the problems so far have been a dead battery, a dead ECM and the headlight plugs popped out. Gas mileage dropped off badly when I put on the Corsas. :eyerole I had thought about getting another new one but at this time the only thing I would gain is no keyhole in the right side door handle. I've driven this one harder than I've ever driven any of my cars and it just keeps on running great. The only noise I get is the windows pop out at over 120 (that's when the headlight plugs popped out also). I'm at less than half the tread wear from what it looks like so far, but then I've never done more than 3 burn outs in one day. I also have my cars aligned by a frame shop when I get them and it's all 4 wheels and the torsions bars. When itís done the weight on the ground, by each wheel, on each axel, match.

As far as fit and finish goes, there was a small scrape on one of the tail light lenses, still there. The rest of the car was near perfect, one of the best paint jobs I've ever seen. By the way, I work in the painting industry, not the Corvette but I've been in most of the others and it beats most of them. BMW was a little better but then it should be allot better for those prices.

This is my eighth Corvette and by far the best ever, the only car I ever had more fun in involved a back seat. ;)

12-12-01, 10:25 AM

This wouldn't post on your open letter so I'm sticking it in here.

I can only speak for myself as to why there is little discussion going on with the C5 owners, at least this one. First off it took awhile to get over the shear power and the way it put it on the road, even at top end, and I've been close. I liked my C4, '92, but there was just no comparison, plus comfort.

After a couple of years I did go to the Corsa Indy, K&N filter, knocked out the screen in the intake, lowered it about an inch, and went to 17Ē wheels in the back. What it has done for the power is only a guess, Iíve never had it dynoíd. I have the A4 with the 3.15 gears and was looking for a better launch and lower center of gravity for autocross. I only run the 17ís for 2 days, nothing would hook up to my liking, plus I didnít have the time to get used to it, burnouts were awesome, handling was off a bit. Off come the 17ís, which were EMTs, the tire swapping thing can get expensive out here, closest shop that can change them is 60 miles away. I do plan on changing the flow in the ďXĒ pipe this winter, more for the sound than power, the Corsa sound too much like a boat.

Right now it is just one driving pleasure to get in it and cruse, will try the autocross again next year.

12-12-01, 10:48 AM

The only reason mine is not red is because they didn't offer red seats that year, I like a solid color, in and out on my cars.

01-03-02, 08:13 PM
We own a '99 Red Convertible. We've owned quite a few Vettes over the years (from a '69 L88, '73 454, '68 custom w/LT1 4spd, '80, '82, '61, etc), but my wife fell in love with the C5 the first time she saw one. Then I borrowed one and brought it home and she had to have one (I didn't mind a bit). We finally got a new '99 and it is a car we both love. It fits her and is easy and comfortable for her to drive. I love the sound system and the ride/handling is outstanding. Only problem is she won't let me add more power (technically it's her car) so I just have to keep adding more power to my 468cu.in. 550hp+ '69 Camaro. Sometimes you just can't have everything in one package. Although if we win the lottery, I'm buying a black Mallet Corvette.

Keep up the WAVE, I've been doing it for a looong time.

01-15-02, 11:12 AM
I have a 2002 Z06, this is my third Corvette. Previous Vettes,91 Coupe, 93 Z07, now the Z06, and all three cars had this annoying whine coming from the passenger side. I tried to isolate it, and finally discovered what it was.
The wife, "slow down / this seat is too small / it rides like a truck / you don't have to beat him / don't get a ticket / why did we have to park this far away from the entrance / why get a car with only two seats / I thought you wanted to take the Vette, it isn't raining that hard / why have a nice stereo system if the exhaust is so noisy"...

Anybody else with this problem?


01-15-02, 12:10 PM
hilarious, Stan! :L :L :L I don't have that problem, because I'm the wife with the vette. :) Though I can tell you that husbands can produce a few whines too, while in a wife's vette. :L


01-15-02, 12:16 PM
Hi Patti,
I would whine too if I had to sit in the passenger seat. Maybe I should let her drive it one day.
No, then she would tell me I had to drive the Town and Country... I think I'll put up with the whine. LOL

01-15-02, 01:07 PM
No matter who is driving and who is passenger in our '99 convertible, I've never heard heard the passenger whine. We both love this car and both of us have a lead foot.

01-15-02, 02:00 PM
The car is sleeping for the winter, however I noticed is was quite rough on shut down.I only have 552 miles on the car so we will see what happens as it gets more miles on it. However I am pressed to fine something wrong with the car.It is a corvette and as corvette go it's the best chevrolet has made to date. I have never owned a automatic vette so I don't know what one would sound like, my 6 speed sound like music to my ears. I will keep you posted If I can find a problem.

01-15-02, 06:01 PM
Just put the vette back in the garage, the rain/sleet/snow wasn't that bad, it stopped just long enough to get in a nice drive. It's about 32 degrees and I wanted to see how the cold EMT tires felt, TWITCHY, is a good word. All the tire sensors worked fine and were within a pound. If we ever get enough snow this year that I can't drive this thing when I want to I'm not sure what I'll do. Come on spring!!!!!!!!!


01-25-02, 09:02 PM
I'll be odering a 2003 torch red coupe in the late spring. Not really sure about the A4 or 6 speed yet. I drive an SHO daily which is a stick and the traffic kills me. Friends tell me I'll be making a mistake by not buying the 6 speed. I fell in love with the vette many many years ago but for so many reasons never bought one. Now is the time. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face. Will post a message when the order is placed.

01-26-02, 02:59 PM
This is working out very nicely this year, just put the C5 back in the garage after a nice sunny drive. Cleaned up the 72 after a very nice drive Friday. It's getting to where the left knee is able to handle the clutch, next year there will be more than 500 mile put on that new set of tires.

Life is great!!:t

Tom Bryant
01-26-02, 03:47 PM
You are probably out driving one of your Corvettes right now since it's about 60 out. I'd like to see your cars sometime. May even run the '81 down the road and back tomorrow if the rain stays away.


01-27-02, 05:47 PM
I love my 2000 coupe .I can't believe some of the complaints I've read . I feel lucky , theres absolutely nothing wrong with mine . I think the interior is cool but adding a few little things like colored lettering on the airbag and an emblem here or there might dress it up a bit . I'm a really big guy and apprieciate the room in the car . Poor fit and finish ? I sure don't see it . Windshild wipers don't go the right way ? I can live with that ! This car is beautiful , fast , comfortable and a ball to drive . I don't know what the C-6 will be , but it will be hard to beat my C-5 .

01-28-02, 09:06 PM
Hey, dressing them up is part of the fun. I spend a lot of time with my nose in the catalogs.The crome letters on the back a cool too!!

01-29-02, 12:07 AM
Me too ! The UPS man and I are on a first name basis .

02-19-02, 06:41 AM
as much as i like the C5. i think that once you manage to get in a C4 it is better to sit in. the pedels in the C5 seem to be placed wrong, the gas pedal is to close to you and my leg is always touching the dash. i use cruise control all the time. and as always the weather strips suck. i think gm uses the worst weather strips they can find on corvettes. i work on all types of cars in my shop and you can look at a 1990 cavalier thats outside all the time and wont find a bad weather strip on the car , my 99 corvette already needs the rt window mldgand it has 19000 miles. and look at any C4 any year and any milage and you will find cracked weather strips. fit and finish was never great on corvettes . and you cant compare paint finish to a bmw or any foriegn car, they do not have the epa telling them they must lower the vocs in there paint like we do, all in all our paint is not bad

02-19-02, 08:27 AM
Vette What are VOCs and what do they do for paint . I agree , nothing made in the US can compare with the finish on the German cars . I've always wondered why .

02-19-02, 09:31 AM
Icant tell you the complete tech. on what they are but basicly they are poisons in paint like lead. Paint and clearcoats need solvents to get from the gun to the car. the solvents thin the paint the more you thin the better it will look, less orange peel. Paints today use little or no solvents so they go on thick and do not flow out like before. The solvents end up evaporating.in to the air and that is what the epa dose not want to happen. The auto makers have to follow the rules more than body shops but it is getting much harder to do nice paint work without sanding and buffing, which US auto makers can not do. Not that many years ago we could paint cars and not buff right out of the booth now we have to buff almost every thing. So thats why US cars dont look as good as foriegn cars , we have much harder rules to follow

02-19-02, 09:58 AM
American Auto Manufacturers have been taking big hits ever since the EPA was formed, between emmissions, fuel mileage requirements, and manufacturing requirements it's really a wonder they can produce a car at all. The manufacturers are being blamed for things such as poor quality paint, as was already mentioned, rising costs to meet emissions and still provide what the public wants in HP and driveability takes research and lots of $$$$$$.
If the EPA had it's way we would be driving electric or fuel cell powered mini boxes with no soul, unable to accelerate past a bicycle, (another EPA preferred form of transportation).
The EPA has WAAAAAY too much power, they have been dictating to the American public for far too long, and in too many areas. They have become what the IRS was several years ago, simply a bully with our tax dollars funding their shinanigans.
That's my .02 worth this morning.

02-20-02, 07:06 AM
Originally posted by DkBG
Vette What are VOCs and what do they do for paint . I agree , nothing made in the US can compare with the finish on the German cars . I've always wondered why .

VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, basically thin out the paint and help it flow more smoothly.

VOCs are a large family of carbon-containing compounds which are emitted or evaporate into the atmospere where they participate in photochemical reactions. Some VOCs are toxic and/or carcinogenic. Most VOCs, to varying degrees, contribute to the formation of ground level ozone.

Toxicity can be divided into three categories viz. acute poisoning which is displayed by immediate, severe symptons. Chronic poisoning, which is reoccuring or of long continuance; and insidious poisoning. Insidious poisoning occurs when the toxic works "secretly." The victim is unaware of the exposure, his health and mind gradually deteriorates and often he is unprepared for remedial action until it is too late.

Oh yeah, and they taste like chicken.

<< Ripped without shame from several websites (except that last part.) >>

02-20-02, 08:46 AM
Well guys , thanks for the thorough explanation . I guess that shows the EPA to be the necessary evil that it is . I had to deal with them alot in the latter part of my career , and found them to be a real pain in the butt . They caused us alot of problems and never offered solutions , but at least I feel safe drinking my well water and breathing the air .

Karl Snedeger
02-27-02, 11:53 AM
Well after reading about all you poor people who have to wait for spring so you can drive your cars, I've decided that 120 degrees in the summer is worth it. I can drive year round and not worry about rain . It's 60 degrees today and it's only 9 a.m.:cool

02-27-02, 06:07 PM
WOW, 60 in Vegas, it was higher than that in Northern Ohio this week, and who has to wait until spring to drive their cars? I washed mine in the drive Sunday, got it dirty by driving it to work all week and then a short trip to Michigan to see my son.

02-27-02, 08:53 PM
OK you wanted to hear from somebody with a 2002 ZO6, well here is the story first hand.
Traded in my 1993 ZO7 6Spd, picked up new 02 ZO6, (Electron Blue, Mod-red interior, mem pkg, mirror pkg) on 29 Dec 01. It had 5 miles when I did the first test drive, now have 2600 trouble free miles, and smiling very large.

In 6 inch bold lettering... WOW!

Patti, you mentioned the acceleration aspect and handling of the Corvette, mutiply both by a factor of 2, now add 4X exhaust note, multiply that by 6500 RPM, divide that number by 6 spds, the result is the additional fun factor of the 02 ZO6 over the Coupe and Vert.
This is an awsome purpose built Vette, I can see why Dave Hill and his team are so proud of their accomplishment. The standard Coupe and Vert are fast cars in their own right, but the added zest of the ZO6 is simply indescribeable. Everything about the performance of the Z is an enhancement to the Coupe and Vert.
From the acceleration, to the nimbleness of the handling, to the greatly enhanced braking, to the titanium exhaust system and it's accompaning exhaust note.
This is not my first Corvette, I really don't know how it would have hit me had I not owned two previously. Maybe that's the reason I am SO impressed, I had something tangible to compare it to, not just another blah car.
If you ever have the opportunity to drive a Z, take it, even if you don't push it, you will be impressed.
I haven't asked mine to do much yet, haven't even had to take it over 5000 RPM yet. One of these days when the conditions are right I'll push it up through the gears, but for now I'm enjoying the fantastic ride that I have, and keeping it in the same wind cheating shape that it came in.
The only thing I added is the GM CD changer, put it in myself in about 3 hours, that included harness and changer. Located in the factory position, works through the stock radio/CD control head just like the factory optioned cars. Of course that option isn't offered on the Z, that's why I had to put it in myself.
Between the CD changer, the harness and installation kit, w/shipping it cost just $438.25 from GM parts direct.
Well ... TH TH TH TH That's all folks. :upthumbs

02-27-02, 10:28 PM
Congratulations VettePilot . The Z06's are awesome . How or where does the cable between the changer and the head unit run . Did you have to lift the car to do this ?

02-28-02, 10:23 AM
Thanks DkBg. Everything was done from inside the car, very easy 2 - 3 hour job total, including the mounting bracket in the rear same place as the factory mounting. The harness runs down the right side of the vehicle utilizing the factory harness clips that are already epoxied to the body holding other wires. I just had to partially remove the interior panels from the bottom to pull them out enough to slip my hand and arm behind them to route the harness, and secure it in the clips. Then as the harness goes into the right side passenger area, the harness goes under the seat belt retractor and continues forward through two more clips, then into the two harness plugs located behind and to the right of the fuse panal cover that forms the front forward portion of the floor. You can easily see this if you roll back your right front floor mat, then grap the top corners of the floor panal and pull it out. They are retained with velcro, the panal swings out and down, exposing the fuse / circuit breaker panal, and other electronics.
By the way, I noticed you are from Butler, are you close to the Butler State Park ski area? I skied there on several occasions when I was stationed at Ft. Knox in the early 80s. Sorry to say it was a real let down due to the fact I had just returned from Germany where I had been skiing the German and French Alps for the past four years. But at least it was skiing. :beer The beer was the biggest disapointment as one can imagine.

02-28-02, 04:30 PM
Thanks for the info VettePilot . I would like to add a changer to mine this spring . As for liveing in Butler , this is Butler Indiana , and flat as a pancake . Although I did alot of sking in my past , none of it was around here . We do have beer here though !!!!

02-28-02, 06:04 PM
By the way,
That's a real nice looking DkBg Vette you have there!

03-03-02, 02:17 AM
Please don't get me wrong. I really like my '01 coupe, but I think that there is DEFINITELY room for improvement in some key areas:

Cabin noise - In my opinion, road and wind noise intrusion is awful. Maybe it's just the roads around metro-Denver, but the tire/road noise is almost unbearable at times. There are occassions, especially on certain stretches of one major highway (C470), that you cannot hold a conversation with a passenger. Wind noise intrudes around the top rear corners of both side windows...with either top installed. It may just be wishful thinking, but it actually is sometimes quieter with no top installed ... or maybe it's just because I'm enjoying the drive :)

Poor headlight intensity - Do any of you have the 2001 Corvette sales brochure? If you do, go to pages 22/23. That's an exact replica of me driving home after delivery of my new Corvette - at night in an absolute monsoon that came out of nowhere. I thought maybe I couldn't see the road because of the rain, but then I found it's hard to see much of anything on a night without rain, too. I got some different bulbs from Mid-America, but they aren't any better. So ... what to do?

Transistor radio - Well, maybe it's a little better than the old transistor radios some of us remember, but the sound system is on the weak side. I don't know what is so hot about a Bose system anyway, except maybe marketing hype. I did hear an okay Bose system in a '94 C4 that I was thinking about, but the system in the '01 is lacking. I wish they would install the same setup that's in my Z71 Tahoe. That system sounds great!!

Suspension compliance - Okay, it's a sports car. But it's not too sporty when you have to get off the go pedal and apply emergency countersteer maneuvers on an Interstate entrance ramp because the tail end wants to swap position with the front end as the result of an encounter with a diagonal asphalt seam right in the middle of the apex, coupled with a stutter bump and two small potholes. Active handling or not, the passenger gets real concerned about such behavior and doesn't speak to the driver for a couple of miles. Not even an explanation like, "Hey, honey, sports cars DO those sorts of things", helps any at all.

There, that's it! Not too much for Dave Hill to work on, I don't think. Rest assured that I will keep the one I have until something better comes along !!

03-03-02, 03:27 AM
Originally posted by Colorado
Maybe it's just the roads around metro-Denver, but the tire/road noise is almost unbearable at times.

:L Just ask BlackDog (http://corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=6) about how he feels about the roads around and through Denver sometime. You can read all about our travels (me, BlackDog and Rare81) on the road back from Bowling Green last year, here at A Road Trip? Or a Nighmare... (http://corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3226&highlight=road+trip) ;)

_ken :w

03-03-02, 10:45 AM
Cold fat tires and cold road seem to make for an interesting ride for most all of us. The front end seems to want to look where the back has just been when ones foot gets a little to heavy, pot holes or no pot holes. All along I thought it was the Indaina concrete and the whine from the pass seat was p-poor radio

03-04-02, 08:05 AM
im on a trip to bike week in daytona rite now. i must say you are rite about the noise. up in new york i had to stop and look cause it sounded like a tire was coming apart. it was ok but i never had a car with so much tire noise. i have been making this trip for 11 years now and in C4s or trucks and never had anything like this before. and it dose like to follow the lines in the road, to the point that it will change lanes. as soon as i got past the GW bridge the roads where much better. so the road condtion makes a big diff..my buddy took my bike down for me this year so me and my wife could take our time and i wanted to take the vette. the rest of the drive so far has been great, the car is nice to drive and getting 30 mpg. at 80 and 90 mph. no complaints there. i will be stopping by dale earnharts place and going to moroso speedpark for the all chevy show, hope to see my grand sport there the guy i sold it to lives in palm beach gardens. ill let you all know how the car is after a 3000. mile trip

03-04-02, 08:11 AM
You lucky dog you . I just got up and its 2 below zero here .

Tom Bryant
03-04-02, 09:09 AM
Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm glad I'm 13 miles from Butler.

03-04-02, 09:22 AM
Butler, is that like in Rhett Butler?

03-04-02, 09:53 AM
No , its more like as in inbred Butler . Nice and warm over there Tom ?

Tom Bryant
03-04-02, 10:07 AM
Cookin'! it was 12 when I went to bed last night. 7 now.


03-04-02, 06:19 PM
If you still had Bobby Knight it wouldn't be that cold over there. You could have treated him better you know.

03-04-02, 09:54 PM
I like Bobby !! I'm was an amatuer hockey player . I understand INTENSITY . Nice guys and boyscouts can play on someone else's team .

03-05-02, 07:34 AM
So why didn't you treat him better????

I guess what Iím saying is that being intense is fine but he got out of hand. He no longer could bully people to get what he wanted and he believed he was invincible. Not a bad thing when youíre trying to win but you still need to act within the confines of being civil. That was lost after a very impressive career, just like Mike Tyson did from the get go.

03-07-02, 12:58 AM
Well, I've just traded my 94 for a 99 Hardtop. Great ride and structure. The 99 has 25000 miles. I really like it so far, but I'm trying to get use to it still. Talk about gas mileage! Sixth gear 80mph and still under 2000rpm. Unreal!

03-07-02, 07:59 AM
Congratulations Todd ! Your going to love it . Tell us more about it !

03-18-02, 04:01 AM
Originally posted by 98TXRed
[B] No power (I can't even open the trunk!).

There is a silver cable on the rear inside bulkhead for manually opening the trunk in the event you lose electrical power.

You can reach it by moving either seatback forward and reaching into the trunk. It sticks out through the middle of the carpeting.