View Full Version : How to change 6 speed shift knob?

Quicksilver 01
11-05-01, 11:17 PM
I own a 2001 corvette coupe with a 6 speed. I am in need of some information for changing my 6 speed manual shift knob. I want to change the shift knob but cannot figure out how to remove the OEM leather knob with the 6 speed shift pattern on the top button. How do you remove the shift knob?

Can any body help? I am fairly new to the forum and just bought a new 2001 coupe.:confused

11-06-01, 05:43 AM
HI there,
Well, what you will have to do, is pry up the top part, where the numbers and shift pattern are, on top of the shift knob. Then, you will see a metal key inside the knob. You will need to pry this up, and pull it up. I usually use a hook tool, and pivot off the hard plastic on the inside there.
ONce the key is out, the handle unscrews from the shifter.
Let us know how you make out, c4c5

Quicksilver 01
11-06-01, 08:16 AM
Thanks for the information. I will try to remove it today.

Quicksilver 01
11-06-01, 11:04 AM
Thanks for the great help. I removed the OEM knob just as instructed. I replaced it with a carbon fiber aftermarket knob that felt better in my hand. The replacement was a hugh success. I know it was a small project but I did not want to screw up something by not knowing what to do.

I have been looking for a place to get information from time to time and now I have found it. This is great!!

Thank you c4c5specialist for your help!