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11-18-04, 11:00 AM
Has any of you 84 Xfire owners put headers on? I'm not looking for more hp, I am only wanting to dress up the engine compartment with some crome after market items. Would like to put a pair of ceramic coated hookers on. Can I get my starter out after I put the headers on?

How about the emissions air pump elimination. Does the bracket fit the 84 Xfire? When I look at them in the catalogs it list the 85-96, no mention of the 84.


11-19-04, 09:25 PM
Yup. Ceramic is the only way I'll ever go again and you will like the increase in performance. Youe ECM will probably do okay with this change, too, but if you have emission testing, you may have to reset it to pass.

I recommend saving yourself some aggravation and keeping the air pump, unless you can get a definitive answer on the issue. Jaime, at J & D Corvette (800)838-8353 in Bellflower might be able to answer this, as they deal in many used parts, plus new and custom builds.

I recall making decisions regarding the switch from my Crossfire to TPI; one of the stickies was the 'single year' 1985 air pump. Brackets and accessories changed a few times in these early C-4 years.

06-06-09, 08:19 PM
You can use the eliminator from the 85 and up corvette.Just strap the power steering resovoir the the braket going across.

06-09-09, 01:03 AM
Yeah I have Hedman long tubes on mine. At the time there was not a bolt-on option available, so there was welding involved. As I recall I am able to get to the starter, maybe not quite as easy but doable.

You might want to also consider a heated O2 sensor, as it will move much farther down the exhaust stream. It is possible to go open loop at idle since the sensor is not getting as much heat as with the stock "headers".

Look for ceramic coating on the inside of the tubes as well as the outside for better corrosion and heat protection.

06-16-09, 10:11 PM
Regarding the pump eliminator....I've heard its NOT necessary...just get a shorter belt.
Seemed to make sense to me when I had mine apart to replace the pump. (I prefer keping it somewhat stock... and also fear our county may soon have emissions so I left it in):w
As for headers...they used to make peformance aftermarket ones by a major manufacturer but I havent seen them in about 10 years. I bought a set of stock 84 headers that had a nice shiny ceramic coat on ebay. The guy started them out at $400 dollar range and they sat for MONTHS then he finally lowered the starting bid. I got them for around $150 and they are pretty darn nice! He had more so my suggestion is just keep an eye out and be patient!

07-22-09, 11:30 AM
i have a set of the stock headers , they are ceramic-coated look great and would look better on the car HMMM still waiting to get them on before fall and slap on some Roller-tip rockers ---- since i had my air cleaner powder-coated, http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/members/vin_-_00521__z-51_c4-albums-vette-they-said-under-powered-weak-picture1671-cac-11.jpg i am going to have my valve covers done at the same time the roller tips are done( i need new V/C gaskets )