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07-09-04, 01:01 AM
I had the following message entered into the guestbook on my personal site:
Thursday, 7/8/04, 8:10 AM

while viewing your site for information on zora arkus-duntov i was amazed to find the picture upon clicking on his name.my father was a lithograph printer.he was part of the machine crew that printed the picture on your site. i have an original uncut lithograph of that picture.i came acrossed it while cleaning my attic out.dad said it was limited to 1000 copies and was printed for the national corvette museum where one of the prints hangs. can you help me put a value on this rare find. i know this is one of a kind because the print plates were destroyed the day of productionby zora himself.the balance of the prints were processed except the one i have.how could i auction this to collectors.i know someone would be interested in a one of a kind original print.

From: cincinnati ohio
Anybody interested in this item? I've got the e-mail address, but then all ya gotta do is look at my guestbook and you can have it too. :L