View Full Version : Windows hitting convertible top

05-15-04, 10:36 PM
I just purchased a 2000 convertible with 23000 miles on it and the upper back corner of the windows hit the convertible top when I shut the doors. The windows seem to fit properly with the seals but are wearing the material on the top where it hits everytime I shut the door. Any suggestions?

05-16-04, 09:22 AM
I had the same problem with my 2000 vert. There is an easy fix and was posted some time back, so you may be able to find the particulars there. As I recall, the procedure involved removing the access panels on the inside of the door - one is the red reflector and the other panel is located at the front bottom of the door. Inside you will find adjusting screws which allow the window to be moved and to actually move the top of the window in or out. My window needed to have the top moved in towards the convertible top, and after a few turns of the adjustment screw, no more problem. Since I don't remember all the particulars, I'm sure someone here does and will give a more detailed description. Rest assured, however, that it is a common and easily remedied condition.


05-16-04, 07:58 PM
Take it back to the dealer where you bought your car. If this condition lasts long enough, it with wear through the fabric of the top. Tops on C5's are not cheap. Hopefully, your car is under some sort of limited warranty and should not cost you anything. This problem as stated before is a known problem and I actually had my top replaced.