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05-11-04, 10:19 AM
I am home on leave in Indy right now and took a trip to the Indy 500 Museum to see the new Pace Car up close.

It is SWEET!! I was able to see track-use car #3 and 2 replicas being used as courtesy cars. Here is the info I learned from reading the placard and looking at the track-use car in the museum.

The track use car has a Corsa Pace Car exhaust with pro tips. It also has Firestone SZ50 tires. The car is equipped with an automatic tranny. The tranny has been beefed up and it also has a power steering cooler.

Track mandated safety equipment includes 4-point safety harness and strobe lights. The tail lights are euro-style with the amber and clear inserts for the strobes. The reverse lights are in the regular place on the sides of the rear license plate.

The paint is also different between the track-use and replica cars. On the replica cars the paint is overall white with the decals as seen in another posting here. On the track use cars the paint below the decal on the side is dark blue as is the back face of the car. It is also the same shade of dark blue on the nose of the car below the red trim stripe that goes around the front. The cars all have a red interior with a white convertible top.

The two replica cars I saw were equipped with F55 and automatics and had the standard exhaust and run-craps.

I did take pics of the track-use car however, I do not have the ability to post pics away from home. I can post some after I get back if there is some interest.

Fifty by Fifty
05-12-04, 09:31 PM
Hey Randy, I'll be going to the track tomorrow. I'll be looking for the pace cars, thanks for all that info!! You can email me the pictures to post if you like.